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Got a surcharge for using your credit card? Here’s how to lodge a complaint with your smartphone

Report BNM card surcharge Malaysia

Just recently, Bank Negara Malaysia has emphasised that retailers are not allowed to impose a surcharge for credit and debit card payments. You’ve probably experienced some retailers insisting on charging an extra 2-3% if you plan to pay by card.

So what do you do if you come across a shop that continues to charge extra? According to Bank Negara Malaysia, you can file a formal complaint to the acquirer (The bank that supplied the card terminals) or to your payment card issuer (The bank that issued your credit or debit card). To make it easier, you can download the official app by Bank Negara Malaysia.

The BNM MyLink App is available for both Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore, and it provides you with the direct email addresses of every bank and financial provider in Malaysia.

Lodging a complaint via BNM MyLink

To make a complaint, just launch the BNM MyLink app and click on Directory. Then find the name of the acquiring bank (The bank that provided the terminal) and then tap on Send Email. In your email, do provide them with your full name, NRIC number, mobile number as well as details of your transaction including the merchant name and address. You’re also required to provide evidence of the surcharge by attaching an official receipt like the one below:

To find out who’s the acquiring bank, you can check the label that’s often found on the machine as pictured below.

Alternatively, you can refer to the receipt where the name of the bank is printed on the top. The merchant name and address can be found on the transaction slip as well.

Apart from contacting the acquirer, you can also lodge a complaint to your payment card issuer. You can reach out to them via email or you can call the hotline number that’s printed at the back of your card.

BNM added that an official complaint will help acquirers to take necessary action on merchants, however, this does not guarantee that you would receive a refund for the additional charges made. If you do not wish to pay for the surcharge, BNM recommends that you purchase your goods from another retailer.

Report merchants that require minimum spend

You can also use the same BNM MyLink app to lodge a complaint against any retailers that imposes a minimum purchase amount for debit and credit card transactions. They emphasised that such practises are prohibited under the rules of international card schemes such as Visa and Mastercard.


Alexander Wong