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If your Apple Watch screen pops out like this, you could get it replaced for free

Posted:  March 4, 2018   By:    27 comments   

The Apple Watch is undoubtedly the best selling smart watch of all time. In its 3rd generation, the Apple Watch retains the same design and if you’re still on the first gen Apple Watch, there’s very little reason to upgrade unless you’re into swimming and require better water resistance.

If your good old Apple Watch from 2015 is having its screen popped up as shown above, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. It happened to our own unit and we just managed to get the whole watch replaced for free.

This problem is caused by a swollen battery. And as you can see, the battery has expanded so much that the screen was pushed out from the case.

In most cases, the Apple Watch only comes with 1-year warranty and it appears that Apple is aware of this issue for its first-gen product. Although it isn’t a wide-spread problem like its iPhone battery issues, Apple has quietly extended the repair warranty up to 3-years.

There are several complaints about the popping screen on Apple’s community forum and most of them are resolved by a free fix or have given a free replacement. From our experience, it looks like this extended warranty for first-gen Apple Watch is applicable for Malaysia as well.

Our Apple Watch was purchased in mid-2015 and the screen came off partially during the Chinese New Year holidays. It’s still working, just that the screen was hanging from its connection cable. We dropped it off at an Apple Authorised Service Provider and the new Apple Watch replacement is ready about 10 days later.

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Whether they will fix or replace it completely would also depend on the condition of your watch. At the moment, this free replacement appears to be applicable to the first generation Apple Watch. So, if this happens to you, we highly recommend that you send your watch to Apple’s authorised service provider first before you fix it at a 3rd party repair shop.

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27 Comments for If your Apple Watch screen pops out like this, you could get it replaced for free

Grammar Police

..whole *WATCH* replaced for free.

    Omar Ibrahim

    Can you please inform me the replacement unit was a first generation apple watch or a series 1 watch.

      stupid watch

      i just contacted apple and they said its a 2 year thing. They wont replace my watch

        Richard Franklin

        I used two small pieces of Scotch tape to secure the screen to the watch. Seems to work just fine.


          I bought mine in Nov 2015, they replaced my watch as above. Please take it to the Apple Store.

          Stephen Martinez

          How long did it take?

The Observer

Changed with a new 1st Gen or 3rd Gen?


    Exactly same question as you which was not addressed in the article.


    You get the same first gen model.


      i hv the same 1st gen model. Just wondering what sort of batt life do you get on average? Mine doesn't go beyonf 15hrs


        Mine is the very “first” model or gen zero (single core). After about 3 years, it still lasts me about 18 hours with moderate use (now). Quite close to new albeit everyday use.

        I am hoping that the battery pops out for a free battery or unit replacement but it’s still perfectly fine. 🙂

      Omar Ibrahim

      Was the replacement unit 1st generation or Series 1 and how did you check did you check by serial number.


        In the watch, go to settings > general > about. You should see the model number. You can refer to this page:

          Omar Ibrahim

          So there is no by any chance they would replace my apple watch with a series 1 not 1st generation same issue happened to my 1st generation apple watch and now its in service but many people had receieved an apple watch series 1 as a replacement unit


can i get one?

katak pretend swan

wow, again, battery problem..my LG G watch and samsung gear S (2015) doesn’t have this issue.apple good quatity? last time yes, but now no more.

    iPhone no headphone jack sucks

    Any of your smartphone will pop out too if the battery is swollen. Calm down bro, we will get other chance to attack next time.


Time to buy one second hand and then overcharge it like hell till the screen pops out. Then got new one.. yeah!!!!


    Really? That's not cool.

      Rob Bates

      Why is it not cool? Just because it is second hand, doesn’t void the warranty. Beside you can’t really force this to occur by ‘overcharging’. The battery will stop charging once the charge cycle is completed.


where is swan? hold my screenless watch!


May I know if the watch (1st gen) I bought from 3rd party seller (bought before selling in Malaysia, not Malaysia set), will Malaysia Apple Authorised Service Provider cover me with this kind of replacement?


    You can try sending it in first as they will tell you if you're eligible for free repair or replacement on the spot. Ours is an Australian unit.


Apple FedEx'd me a box to return my Series 2 (gen 2) 42mm for a free repair of a swollen battery that caused the face to begin lifting. Apparently, this is a common problem with the 42mm.

David Barone

Just called Apple Support and they said they knew nothing about it and I would have to pay for the repair.


    Same happened to me just now, the senior advisor knew nothing of this, so looks like it’s going to cost me quite a bit to get fixed!


Mine popped off for no reason. I brought it in and they said because of the way it popped off it did not fit the criteria of the battery swelling. I call BULL! I did absolutely nothing to make it pop off and they were going to charge me over $200 to send it in. I ended up buying a new Gen. 3 with the extended warranty. If it happens again I’m DONE with Apple! My FitBit lasted longer and is more accurate for what I use it for. They took the old one to recycle it.