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SanDisk has the world’s fastest 400GB microSD card

For all the internal storage our phones come with, sometimes it’s just not enough and you’ll soon find yourself looking for something extra. However, if you really want to go big, SanDisk has revealed a brand new version of their 400GB microSD card, if that paltry 32GB isn’t enough for you.

SanDisk’s supermassive XTREME UHS-I 400GB microSD card can deliver write speeds of up to 90MB/s and read speeds of up to 160MB/s, which is 50% faster than their current available cards. They also come with A2 specifications, a bump up from the previous card’s A1 spec. This pretty much means you get a minimum random read of 4000 IOPS, a minimum random write of 2000 IOPS, with a 10MB minimum, sustained sequential write.

But the best thing about the new card is that you will be now able to record in 4K and do super slow-mo video on this year’s latest flagships.

Unfortunately, SanDisk hasn’t revealed when they will be launching the new microSD card, nor did they talk about the price, but the most current model goes for about $260 (about RM 1019), so we can expect pricing to be about there as well.

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