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Shopee’s PayDay campaign brings up to 18% cashback

Shopee‘s just launched their PayDay Campaign, where users can look forward to a series of great deals and discounts, right around payday!

Running from 26-28 February, the PayDay Campaign will be home to 18% cashback in Shopee coins during this period, on top of the aforementioned deals and discounts. For ever RM1 spent, users will gain 18 Shopee coins in return, for even more value and cost-savings.

The idea behind the campaign is that there is a spike in the volume of transactions during the payday period and the trend prompted Shopee to initiate the cashback scheme. Here are the categories that saw some of the greatest purchases:

Shopee will also be launching its Facebook Live Game: PayDay Edition at 2PM today, where users can attempt to win Shopee coins and stand to win a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 worth RM3,999 when they play. Users can also stand to win more goodies worth over RM4,000 including a Nubia M2 Lite, OPPO F5 and a Dyson Vacuum if they participate in the PayDay Mobile Auction on shopee_mamak in the Shopee app during the campaign.

For more info, visit or download the app on the App Store or Google Play.