This is the Samsung Galaxy S9’s launch video

The Samsung Galaxy S9‘s big launch is taking place this coming Monday, but leaks wait for nobody and today we get a look at what looks like the smartphone’s official product launch video.

This video comes courtesy of Slashleaks and it confirms a lot of what we already know would be new on the Galaxy S9, from previous leaks. The video showcases a variable aperture camera, Bixby Live Translation which can translate text on the fly with your camera, much like Google Translate, AR readiness, and a brand new DeX “Pad” which seems like it’s targeted directly at the business consumer. This new Pad looks like it can also double as a virtual keyboard and touch pad like Huawei’s EasyProjection.

What’s more, the video also highlights a new kind of biometric security that seems like an improved facial unlock called Intelligent Scan and a much more reasonably positioned fingerprint scanner (right down the middle).

Although this video looks pretty legit, the Galaxy S9 still has not been launched so do take it with the appropriate amount of salt. Either way, all will be revealed on Monday. Stay tuned to SoyaCincau.com for the best coverage.