Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ passes Malaysia's SIRIM certification |

Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ passes Malaysia’s SIRIM certification

Posted:  February 20, 2018   By:    15 comments   

Galaxy S9 Malaysia

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will officially launch next week at MWC 2018 in Barcelona. Ahead of the big event, both Samsung flagship smartphones have just gotten the green light from SIRIM and it’s an indicator that it could go on sale in Malaysia very soon.

The Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F/DS) and Galaxy S9+ (SM-G965F/DS) have appeared on SIRIM’s database and we are definitely getting the dual-SIM models for Malaysia. Traditionally, we get the Exynos powered variants instead of Snapdragon units for our local market.

In case you missed it, the Galaxy S9/S9+ have leaked extensively over the past few weeks and you can find out what to expect in this post. Essentially, the Galaxy S9/S9+ looks like a refresher of the current Galaxy S8/S8+ but with major improvements in the camera department. The screen size and battery capacity appear to be the same as the current model but it will get a couple of tweaks including stereo speakers that are tuned by AKG.

Since Malaysia is a key market for Samsung, pre-orders for the Galaxy S9/S9+ could happen within a week from launch. Both devices are expected to go on sale in Malaysia sometime in mid-March.

You can catch the Samsung Unpacked event live at 1AM on Monday, 26 February, Malaysian time. We will be there at the launch together with SoyaCincau BM, so stay tuned to us for the latest updates.

Thanks @KevinNgTK for the tip!


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15 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ passes Malaysia’s SIRIM certification

James Belacan

Great phone.

    Poor Boy

    hmm treat me a new phone please 🙁


At least the fingerprint sensor placement at a better position than previous Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Fingerprint scanner under display is a must after this, if not, Chinese OEM will do it for Samsung by being the first to put it on their phones.

I don’t expect Samsung will price Galaxy S9 reasonably, since they need to clear the stock of their expensive OLED by putting it on their own phone.


    Expensive oled? One just have to look at Samsung Electronics and see why they are willing to invest billions to produce oled in the first place. It’s only expensive because Samsung is literally the sole mass manufacturer. Wait until LG and the Chinese setup their own manufacturing then you’ll see how much Samsung is actually earning. And if you’re wondering, Samsung do not own oled rights. Oled is an invention by another company despite being used heavily by Samsung.


      It’s expensive. Full Stop.

      Most OEM still using LCD to reduce the cost on display panel alone. By 2018 this year, OLED prices from Samsung Display still far expensive although demand is growing on OLED.

      RM3999 for Samsung Galaxy S9 asking price will be not a surprise. RM4599 for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is also not a surprise either as Samsung is going all out against Apple.


        I don’t mind if the level of support is good, but it’s not.

        Look at Samsung’s website, especially the support pages. Search for A gives you Z.

        I sent email to remind them to turn on SSL for their product registration page years ago for added security and privacy when the gov enforcers personal data and privacy protection act.

        They should spend more resources and put in professionals into their support sub web instead of concentrating just on marketing pages and material only. Way way behind their competitors in this regard.


Another old boring design. Next!

Aung Thu

I want to know prize


samsung s9? lol its same like previous model. just functional making more expensive. why? its just a phone. i’m better buying ROG or Razer Laptop. do you know what problem with Samsung? battery & charge. samsung s7 have bug with internel hardware not damage system or something. Just Battery & Charge.


    It’s a hardware patch. And this model guarantees Android 9. The same can’t be said for S8.


Yellam maayeh




It will cost how much?


You are not buying the phone with the price. The real price for the phone may be only rm 1500 ++ or the high cost below 2000.

So why S9 very high price like S8. You buy the brand SAMSUNG half for the price.

The phone quality and spec same like other chinese phone. In half of this year may be you can get the 2 times better from this phone with half the S9 price.


    I am also puzzled. A plate of mi goreng served in hawker stall vs those in hotel differ so much in terms of price but they have almost the same ingredients – mee kuning, tauge, egg and sambal. Don't tell me they pay different salary to the chefs and waiters in hotel vs those in stalls… if yes, cut those hotel staffs' pay lar. Don't cut the customers' throats.