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Paris Hilton’s Xiaomi Mi Power Bank is a “lifesaver”

If you thought Xiaomi‘s products had no prestige and were only bought by those who couldn’t afford something better, then you might be surprised to find out who loves their Xiaomi Mi Power Bank. Yeah, you didn’t read that title wrong: It’s Paris Hilton.

Queen P (do people even call her that) posted this photo of her with her beloved Xiaomi Mi Power Bank:

Of course there’s a chance that this was a sponsored post by Xiaomi USA (whose Instagram account, as Android Authority points out, went from product photos to a whole host pictures of fashion influencers) but there’s no indication nor proof that it was indeed a sponsored post. Note the lack of a #ad or #sp.

It is worth noting that she wasn’t the only one who shared images on Instagram with the Mi Power Bank. There were also a whole bunch of other fashion influencers like Bryanboy, Alla Kostromichova, Krystal Bick and Misshattan among others, who shared similar posts with the hashtag #PoweredByMi. Some of them even had a plug for an Amazon code that gave buyers 30% off.

But, y’know, I’d like to imagine that maybe she walked into a store (or browsed through Amazon) saw the Mi Power Bank and thought to herself as it passed her by “Mi’s what I like“.

You’ll never know.