Xpax offers triple the high-speed data this CNY but…

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Ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations, Xpax is offering 3X the data for their weekly and monthly internet plans. For RM30/month, you can enjoy 15GB of high-speed data, 10GB of Facebook and 10GB of instagram data.

If you need more, RM50/month gives you 30GB instead of 10GB, while the highest RM79/month plan, you get to enjoy a whopping 45GB of data.

Monthly Internet Plans

The CNY triple quota promo is also applicable for weekly plans from as low as RM6/week for 1.5GB (Originally 500MB) to RM19/week for 15GB (originally 5GB).

Weekly Internet Plans

On top of that, Xpax is also extending the same offer for its data add-ons for Late Night Internet, Facebook Walla, Instagram Walla and Video Walla for both monthly and weekly options.

Monthly Add-ons

Weekly Add-ons

So what’s the catch? If you look closely, the extra data quota is only applicable for 2-3 days only. Referring to the table below, you will only get to utilise the free bonus data for the first 3 days on the monthly data plan and it’s only for the first 2 days for the weekly plan option. So if you purchased the RM30/month monthly plan, basically you get a total of 15GB of data (10GB Bonus) to use for the first 3 days and you’ll be left with just 5GB to use on the 4th day onwards.

For those aged between 12-25 years old, you still get to enjoy 50% extra data with KAWKAW Squad but this is only applicable to the base data. So for RM30/month, you will get 2.5GB extra on top of the base 5GB.

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The triple quota promotion will be running from 8 February until 30 April 2018 and you can subscribe directly from the Xpax mobile app. For more info, you can visit the Xpax internet plan page.

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15 Comments for Xpax offers triple the high-speed data this CNY but…


Why these telco operators making their product more complicated. Just give the user all in one and just let them use it freely…


    if no make it complicated, how to squeeze more money from user pocket? they got dozen ppl/crony need to feed of 🙂


      "they got dozen ppl/crony need to feed of" = corrupted mentality…

u & me

just get P99


    Can’t get a proper data connection at all even just for sending and receiving WhatsApp messages. Call quality is super poor. Not just one location, but almost all locations I have been too. Call the customer service, they will asked for your location and tell you that that particular place no 3G or its 3G is ‘shared’ or something… Come on, it can’t be almost the whole country I went also like that kot.. P99 so called u limited data speed… Better get any cheap prepaid mvno also better. Porting out within the 1st 2weeks of using it


      can't really understand with unlimited, definitely has T&C
      perhaps get throttle once reach certain usage…
      xpax plan is quite ok too with the amount offered


As if instagram whatsapp twitter and wechat and facebook are not internet

And different media apps makes it confusing

Really stupid marketing guys


    Very much agree…. they shud have been better than that level of thinking marketing mentality


      i think their marketing strategies is smart. they provided a way for the user save more data by allocated those apps by excluding it from using the data for internet and use data for the apps itself. social medias the one you use the most at all time so by excluding data from social medias you can use it to surf the web


    Umobile is the only one doing this data segmentation thing right. All plan get the same thing(apponz, musiconz) with the only difference being more bandwidth for higher priced plans. If they want to separate the data, at least make it simple. Too bad umobile’s coverage is shitty. Still waiting for the new webe/unifi postpaid plan. Hope it’s going to be at least simple and less restricted


JD Power Research recently release a study report which found that unlimited customers report fewer network problems.When you simplify your plans you actually manage customer complain handling less with happier customers. Cost saving can be achieved by spending less on customer service depts.

    Telco Manager

    But more money beats anything else even if there is a lot of complaints.


    You are absolutely right. That’s why Webe is the best plan right now. The least complaints in Malaysia.


      Are you sure Webe is really unlimited? You can't tether most of the time due to stingy allocations, regular sites are extremely throttled, video resolution restricted to 480p below That is not unlimited by definition just as Umobile also claims.


    unlimited also depends on which area are u in
    im in cheras but umob is sucks can't even send whatsapp msg
    anyway choose accordingly la, to me plan above just fine cz affrodable