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Xpax offers triple the high-speed data this CNY but…

Ahead of the Chinese New Year celebrations, Xpax is offering 3X the data for their weekly and monthly internet plans. For RM30/month, you can enjoy 15GB of high-speed data, 10GB of Facebook and 10GB of instagram data.

If you need more, RM50/month gives you 30GB instead of 10GB, while the highest RM79/month plan, you get to enjoy a whopping 45GB of data.

Monthly Internet Plans

The CNY triple quota promo is also applicable for weekly plans from as low as RM6/week for 1.5GB (Originally 500MB) to RM19/week for 15GB (originally 5GB).

Weekly Internet Plans

On top of that, Xpax is also extending the same offer for its data add-ons for Late Night Internet, Facebook Walla, Instagram Walla and Video Walla for both monthly and weekly options.

Monthly Add-ons

Weekly Add-ons

So what’s the catch? If you look closely, the extra data quota is only applicable for 2-3 days only. Referring to the table below, you will only get to utilise the free bonus data for the first 3 days on the monthly data plan and it’s only for the first 2 days for the weekly plan option. So if you purchased the RM30/month monthly plan, basically you get a total of 15GB of data (10GB Bonus) to use for the first 3 days and you’ll be left with just 5GB to use on the 4th day onwards.

For those aged between 12-25 years old, you still get to enjoy 50% extra data with KAWKAW Squad but this is only applicable to the base data. So for RM30/month, you will get 2.5GB extra on top of the base 5GB.

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The triple quota promotion will be running from 8 February until 30 April 2018 and you can subscribe directly from the Xpax mobile app. For more info, you can visit the Xpax internet plan page.

Alexander Wong