Why are Malaysians so crazy about In N Out burger?

Posted:  February 9, 2018   By:    21 comments   

Awhile back, In N Out came to Malaysia to set up a one-day-only pop-up shop where they sold their coveted burgers. As usual, when there’s something new, Malaysians flocked to the store and started lining up. The question is: Why?

We try and find out.

Did you guys manage to get a burger? Let me know in the comments below!

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21 Comments for Why are Malaysians so crazy about In N Out burger?




I’ll tell you it’s not hard to make a juicy patty.

Just put together all the ingredients to make a patty – freshly minced meat (30% fat, 70% meat), eggwhite, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper.

Make ’em look like a proper patty, 100gm, 150gm, 200gm, up to you.

Freeze them.

OK, when it’s time to cook. Make sure you have an air fryer, because it keeps the moisture in.

Put one of those in an aluminium sheet if you don’t have the pan.

This you have to experiment. You can try 7-8 minutes at 180C, but flip it halfway through.

Then, finish it off with a quick sear on a frying pan, maybe half to a minute one side. Use butter and thyme leaves for that added steak flavour.

I swear it tastes as good as whatever you see at those overrated joints.


    To much work meh


    Seem like you're a chef….

      Gold hunter

      Just a foodie la , kesian those can’t cook

    Curious cat

    Bro, if put aluminium sheet onto the basket, will the foil burn inside the air fryer?

    Tired of washing the residue stuck on the basket so tot of using foil.


      I thought so initially, but I tried with the foil. Never burned. Never needed to buy the accessory anymore.

      Never tried to cook anything beyond 10 minutes though… But I don’t think anything will happen, because once you have removed the container, you can touch the foil immediately, your fingers will not burn.


I tried it before in California, it is not just the burger, their fries also nice.


    soggy one also nice? lol


Never heard of this burger.

katak pretend swan

not the burger…people queue just want to show they manage to get one.


In-n-out burger, even Gordon Ramsay love it.

Red Delicious

Malaysians queue for burgers, queue for iphones, go for overseas vacations, drive continental cars but still complain about the government not giving them enough.


    We deserve all that ourselves. Through hard works. Not related to our govt at all.
    Then if i buy ferrari, big houses, go vacations every month, i must say our current govt is so good? What a typical narrow minded people.


Soyacincau focus on food and beverages news?


This is poor journalistic reporting because as much as we hate to admit 90% of that queue have not heard of in&out before the event and were likely there for bragging rights.

Ahmad Maslan

The ad that is covering the content is bitching annoying. Especially when the window is not on full screen mode. SC, please do something.


I guess I'm not Malaysian now.


soyacincau's "About Us" page –

"SoyaCincau.com is one of the most influential tech sites in Malaysia with a reputation of producing quality, unbiased content. The site is the definitive source in mobile and technology news and reviews."

out of ideas?


    They can write whatever the [email protected] they want. It’s not like you pay soya cincau’s bill though.


ikut suka la dorang nak post apa pun.. at least dpt gak tahu natang burger ni..
kang sebut depan2.. ter-nga-nga cam org bodo..berlagak nak mampos..
konon high tech..nak semua up to date.. komen dari smartphone 3 ribu.

citer pasal burger pun dah kena kecam.

korang punya minat pun diversify gak kan? .. phone mahal.. keta mahal.. hobi mahal..ikut fesyen.. jam import..

serius la komenter SC ni semua berlagak la skrg.