Huawei’s upcoming P-series flagship looks heavily inspired by the iPhone X

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Following the launch of the Mate 10 series late last year, Huawei’s next focus will be their upcoming P-series smartphones. This would replace their current P10/P10 Plus/P10 lite and it will feature a Full View display like its current Mate10 and Nova 2i series.

After having two generations of dual-camera smartphones in partnership with Leica, the next flagship will come with up to three cameras at the rear. If you’re wondering how it might look like, @onleaks has revealed a couple of renders for the purported P20 and P20 Lite via TigerMobile. The model name isn’t finalised yet but Huawei has been speculated to jump from P10 straight to P20 for 2018.

P20 Plus

According to the source, there are two prototypes for the P20 Plus with one having a fingerprint sensor below the display, while the other has a rear-mounted unit. To maximise the screen size, the P20 Plus will get a full edge to edge display that comes with a notch at the top like the iPhone X that’s slightly narrower. It appears to have two cameras up front while the rear gets a total of 3 camera lenses.

For this prototype, the 3rd lens is separated from the main dual-camera bump which looks quite strange. A few days ago, we saw a couple of casing renders that placed all 3 cameras on a single camera bump. Interestingly, the HUAWEI brand is placed vertically at the lower back, which makes it more noticeable when held in landscape mode. You can check out the 360-degree video of the device below.

P20 Lite

For its entry-level model, the P20 Lite comes with a dual-camera setup instead. It gets a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor and it also features an all-screen display with a notch at the top.

The dual-camera bump also looks similar to the iPhone X with LED flash placed underneath. While the P20 Plus display looks like a 6-incher, the P20 Lite’s screen appears to be about 5.7 inches.

In terms of appearance, Huawei tries to mimic the iPhone X’s execution of an all-screen phone but it doesn’t appear to be as symmetrical as the bottom chin is thicker than the rest. This is somewhat similar to the Essential phone.

In terms of hardware, it is likely that Huawei will retain the same Kirin 970 processor from the current Mate 10 series for the new P20. It’s also speculated that the rear triple-camera setup is capable of capturing 40MP images and it is assisted by a 5X Hybrid zoom. What’s also certain is that it will run on Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box.

A purported P20 Lite was purportedly caught on camera and the design matches the renders from @onleaks. You can see the connectivity icons on the top left corner of the screen, while the clock and battery percentage is shown on the top right corner. The bottom chin looks quite massive here like the current Galaxy S8/S8+.

The next Huawei flagship will be revealed in Paris on 27 March 2018, which is a month after the launch Galaxy S9/S9+. The three “O”s in the background and the text “see MOOORE with AI” clearly indicates that their next device will carry a triple camera setup. What do you think of the design? Is it the flagship worth waiting for? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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30 Comments for Huawei’s upcoming P-series flagship looks heavily inspired by the iPhone X

Apple User

A lot of android phone manufacturers are copycat. They always bashed Apple for not innovative but always copied from it.


    Correction. The corner vertical dual camera was on the Sharp Aquos S2 1st and the notch was on the Essential PH-1 and Aquos S2 1st. So, it was actually Apple who copied Android. Not that it matters..


      Exactly, CRApple copied and always copy Android, thinking about getting this phone but hopefully they make that camera bump go away or at least turn it back around.


      Microsoft invented the tablet before apple, but which brand of tablet is dominating the market? which brand succeeded to push a new product to the world? macbook definitely isnt the first who has the touchbar feature, HP dv7 was, but are they the same? no sorry.

      these are the differences yo bodokambings LEL, even a 3 years old kid can tell

      you will notice whatever feature apple comes out, confirm banyak brand will follow, even the old ip6-7 design -mia1 and lot more, deny for what?

      low level mmg low level, really kesian these droidfuks IQ dont know how old d still that stupid. couldnt afford something beyond their capability then diedie must blindly bash which make themselves look like stupid butthurt ppl LEL


      correction. it is apple and hua wei copy sharp


    You’re retarded dude, go to your CRAapple fourms, Android has always been on top.


      top with 1% adoption rate of latest OS? what droidfuks gonna say, because older version still very good? LMAO no wonder 20/80 rule is so true.

    ahha ahha

    apple user literally a bunch of sheep that keep on making noise when they are shitting.


    Well stated


    Did you do your homework before giving such remarks.

    To name a few of the technologies, wireless charging and fast charging method in the iPhone 8 and x, do you consider Apple has copied those ideal from the android phone technologies which were there for years as Apple still didn’t have those technologies in their iPhone 7 plus and it’s predecessor.

    Don’t just shoot bullets blindly.


A black phone only looks good when its screen is off, for me. What do you think?


    What about non black phones? I bet blue ones are beautiful screen on or not.


Who copied who is not important, most important is the features/ease of use/good camera/long lasting battery life and nice aesthetic shape that good to hold.

For me i will stick to Huawei/Honor flagships after using many flagship from Alcatel/SonyApple and lastly ASUS before taking a jump into Huawei/Honor.


    agreed with you Ken. I ll stick with Huawei….


      Bodokambing je use low grade China brand, kesian forever stay at bottom LEL

        P9 user

        Nvm lah you are richer than me, that’s why you can buy iphone. I only can afford cheap china phone. You win, okay?


        only arrogant, ignorant little shits like you would be a fanboi and be aggressive towards others when there is no reason to. pfft pathetic


        How old are you swan. Your mentality tell me you are less then 20 hehe


        Excuses me, Apple is made in China thro..


        Katak dibawah tempurung.

        Those Apple products are made / assembled in CHINA not USA.


        Kepala bapak engkau!
        You must be living in cave…..


    True. Still offers the best value with price to spec ratio.

Mclarence Lorance

Mmm….you guys had a good conversation I see.. well to me it doesn’t matter what phone it is or how expensive it is because it will all come to what you’re using it for or how you use it, for most phone are design for their functiond and not for thier good looks. Some apple products may be batter than android’s but some adroids are also better than apple’s.

joe mamak

let’s be honest, people who buy android phones are the ones who failed in life and cannot afford a proper lifestyle. they dont get invited to parties and they end up dating or marrying substandard creatures that looks like jabba the hut.

improve yourselves kids, be successful in life, buy an apple or forever remain in the levels of a bandaraya road sweeper standards.


    Katak dibawah tempurung.

    I saw a lot of low income earner group also using Apple products.

    Do someone pay you to give such dumb remarks there ?


Don’t talk crap android is way better than apple in many ways such as great screen to body ratio screen technology and screen protection but apple just copies others like wireless charging face unlock and edge to edge displays so think before you talk


China phone always being copycat market.


No matter how high the company climb but in the end china company always china company..copy everything even look dumber than ipon..

Sorry apple, I dont like u

Ill just keep sticking to my BlackBerry Keyone


    This is Huawei post. nobody ask you to use Apple.