Get 10 free UniFi TV channels from now until the end of March!

Good news, UniFi TV subscribers. You’re getting a whole bunch of free channels from now until the end of March! And the best part is that they’re not crappy ones.

Yep, from now until the 31st of March 2018, you’ll get access to 10 free channels on UniFi TV. These channels will be from channel 960-969 and is available for all UniFi TV set-top-box customers.

These channels include FOX Movies (960), FOX Action Movies (961), and FOX Family Movies (962).

There’s also regular FOX (963), FX (964), and FOX Life too (965).

Next, for those who are more interested in the real world instead of the manufactured one, you also have access to National Geographic (966) and Nat Geo Wild (967). Finally, there’s also Baby TV (968) and Sky News HD (969).

For the TV series, UniFi TV says that you’ll get the content on the same day as the US which sounds great. I guess I know what I’ll be doing this CNY holiday season.