Yoodo: 5 things you need to know

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Yoodo Malaysia by Celcom

Yoodo was launched last week and they claim to offer Malaysia’s first fully customisable mobile plan. Like the recent introduction of digital telco services, this is a service which you can only subscribe online through their official app.

If you’re clueless about Yoodo, here are 5 things that you need to know.

You can customise your own plan

Monthly Plans
Yoodo allows you to customise your own plan and this includes the amount of data, calls and SMS you get each month. If you don’t need so much data, you can reduce your quota for the next month. For data, you can select anything from 2GB (RM20/month), 5GB (RM30/month) or all the way to 100GB (RM150/month). There’s also add-on for 5GB Facebook (RM10/month), 10GB YouTube (RM20/month) and 5GB Instagram (RM10/month).

If you need calls and SMS, you can add on from as little as 50 minutes of calls (RM5/month) and 50 SMS (RM3/month). Of course, the cost per unit for data/calls/SMS would be cheaper if you go for a higher quantity.

Unlike typical prepaid plans that require you to top up a minimum of RM30 for 30 days of validity, you can subscribe to as little as RM3/month for 50 SMS. Note that any changes to your plan will only take effect in your next monthly cycle.


You can also add more data/calls/SMS midway by adding a booster plan. The booster rates are as follows:

1GB – RM10
3GB – RM30
6GB – RM40

50 minutes – RM5
100 minutes – RM7
200 minutes – RM9

50 SMS – RM3
100 SMS – RM5
200 SMS – RM8

The booster plans will follow your current plan cycle and Yoodo does not carry forward unused quota to the following month.

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For IDD and international SMS, you would also need to buy your call minutes and SMS upfront. The rates are dependent on the zone you’re calling. For Zone A which includes Singapore, Australia, Indonesia, US, UK and more, 30 minutes of voice calls cost RM15 and 30 SMS cost RM5.

To buy 30 minutes of calls or 30 SMS per zone can be excessive for casual users but take note that it will be valid for 365 days.

No VPN Required. Works with iPhone

Unlike Ookyo and Tapp, there’s no need to install additional VPN. Just pop the SIM into your smartphone and you’re good to go. It also works on both Android and iPhone.

Flat Rate roaming at RM10/day

Yoodo also claims that there is no pay per use and to make roaming hassle-free, they are offering a Roam like Home pass for only RM10 per day. With this pass, you can enjoy your existing data/calls/sms quota while travelling overseas. If you have a 10GB plan, you can utilise all of your quota for just RM10/day.

The pass also lets you receive incoming and outgoing calls to Malaysia with your existing call minutes. To call a local number during your travel, you’ll need to purchase an IDD quota for the zone of the country you’re in.

The Roam Like Home Pass is valid for 24-hours from the point of activation via the mobile app. This makes it easier to keep track especially if you’re travelling to a country with a different time zone. As a comparison, other telcos refreshes a new day at 12:00AM Malaysian time or based on the capital city of the country you’re in.

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The Roam Like Home pass is currently available in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Laos, and Brunei. You won’t be able to roam in other countries but they will be introducing a different pass for more countries at a later date.

Only Credit/Debit card accepted

Yoodo is a subscription-based service similar to Spotify. At the moment they are only accepting credit/debit card for your monthly subscription. This means you won’t need to top manually each month so you can stay connected without any interruption. You can disable auto-renew from the app itself.

According to their FAQ, there will be an option to add a 360 day validity extension. This extension add-on is not available at the moment and it will be introduced at a later date.

Yoodo uses Celcom’s network

Yoodo considers themselves a startup that’s backed by Celcom. They share the same nationwide 4G/3G coverage as Celcom’s postpaid and Xpax prepaid offering.

If you’re interested, you can sign up for Yoodo via the Android and iOS app. Yoodo will ship the SIM pack to you for free or you can have it delivered immediately within 2 hours at a RM15 delivery fee (only within the Klang Valley). During sign up, you can register a new mobile number with a 011 prefix or port-in from your existing telco.

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30 Comments for Yoodo: 5 things you need to know


"Note that any changes to your plan will only take effect in your next monthly cycle"

Few question:
– Next monthly cycle means will start 1st day of the month?
– What if we select "No thanks, I just want a free SIM". What plan they will give?
– If quota is depleted, will Internet be cut off & call terminated? Or it will redirect to booster plan?


    It will be exactly 30 days from the point of subscription. If you don’t customise a plan now, you can do it later when you activate your SIM. Once quota is depleted, you’ll need to purchase a booster plan for full speeds. If you had purchased a data plan, there’s still basic internet at 64kbps.


Hi SoyaCincau,

Few questions on the subject:

1) How does Yoodo perform in terms of internet speed and area of network coverage in Malaysia? I am currently using a telco that is also sharing their network with Celcom but the internet performance is rather bad and poor network coverage in certain area even in Klang Valley.

2) Does Yoodo offers smartphone package plan for customer who wants to switch/upgrade their device to the latest version?

3) Does Yoodo allow for internet hotspot for other device to use its internet connection?



    We also use Xpax and we don’t notice any difference in terms of coverage and performance. Yoodo has no device bundles at the moment but they might do so in the near future as Huawei is one of their partners. Yup, hotspot works with Yoodo.


      Actually I am using DiGi postpaid and the user experience is quite dissatisfied. How long will SoyaCincau takes to produce reviews on overall Yoodo network performance?


        Yoodo is part of Celcom, so I don't think any different in terms of performance with Celcom. I'm using Celcom postpaid. Bad performance might occur from time to time although coverage is good. Sometimes reset your network connection might help (on/off airplane mode).


        Network performance varies by location. You can use third party tools such as OpenSignal or YouTube Video Checkup to find out which network performs better at your area.

Idham Ibrahim

My question is… does Yoodo allowed “app purchasing using airtime credit from carrier” in “Play Store” and/or “AppStore”? (which is not working on TuneTalk & OneXox). I always searching some good apps instead of having a good internet (mostly from Celcom’s Xpax and Maxis’ Hotlink).


Where can get this simcard?



Syakir Zainol

I can’t install the app for my Nexus 6P. Play store won’t allow it


    I managed to install it for my 6P buddy


If i did not purchase any calls and and plan.. can I still make calls and sms? If yes, what is the rate of charge? Thanks


Can I top-up this telco or it fully function to credit card ?


    There’s no top up option. It only accepts credit or debit cards.


If I did not include sms in my plan, and all of sudden I need to use sms for example for verification purpose, or sms to 28882 or similar, will I be able to?

Kira Kwan

Another wave rider telco like Tune Talk & Umobile? No thanks. The 100GB/RM150 already failed badly as Umobile, DiGi and Webe already owned the market for infinite data and calls plan with the same price or lower compare to this quota based plan. The only weakness between all of these Telco is the coverage. The good news is, you can always buy a prepaid card before subscribe to your desired plan. For West Malaysia, DiGi and Maxis has the best 4G coverage while in East Malaysia, DiGi is the best among all telcos. Umobile only KL and Johor has the best 4G experience and Webe only best at Unifi zones and Shopping Malls with 4G at highest speed of 21.0Mps. Celcom is still the highest 2G/3G coverage throughout the Malaysia.


Is’t possible to sign up yoodo in WP app?


how about the unlimited call or sms or data? do they offer that too?


Gosh….Crap yoodo…
I bought 100gb pack and this speed killing me..I get 20kbps 🙁
Kinda regret using yoodo 🙁
Was used
umobile and get 3mbps
Maxis 2mbps
Celcom 3mbps
Yoodo :((((( 30kbps with 4g full bar signals aka my welcome line..
I thought they using celcom data, however internet is way too slow ;(
Wasted 100gb 🙁
I thought it can be like celcom speed..But I was wrong….
Highly not recommend to purchase more data from yoodo :(((


Terrible situation for application process.
Keeps failing scanning function and there is no proper reply and can not handle with few staffs


Thanks for early birds that gave the reviews. I was thinking to switch to Yoodo but based on the reviews, it gave me nightmare weh. I used celcom n maxis bfore porting out to digi. So far maxis is greater than digi n celcom in general but their rates n tricks under the sleeve gave me frustation

Ayush shah

Any best offer for Nepal??


how to pay back money for the next month


I use yoodo for call only. Rm12 for 2000min meh. Quite good. For internet, i use digi prepaid. Super jimat


Yoodo now has a Member-Get-Member program – refer someone and both get RM20 credited into the yoodo wallet!


apply on 22 April 2018 ( Yoodoo will deliver within 3 working days , until now simkad not received


I'm a Yoodo user and will be going overseas. If i do not subscribe to IDD, will I still be able to receive/make call when I am overseas?

    Yooodo better

    Subscribe to Roam Like Home, not IDD