What if your family reunion only lasts three minutes? Apple asks the question in this Chinese New Year short film shot entirely on the iPhone X

Posted:  February 2, 2018   By:    17 comments   

Chinese New Year is just two weeks away and Apple has just released a touching short film that’s shot on the iPhone X. Titled three minutes, it tells a story about a family reunion that could only last for 3 minutes.

Apple had partnered with award-winning director Peter Chan to produce this short film that’s based on a true story in China. The short film is Apple’s showcase of the iPhone X which can support 4K video recording of up to 60fps.

Of course, the crew also used additional tools and hardware in the making of this film. You can check out the “behind the scenes” videos below.

What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below.


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17 Comments for What if your family reunion only lasts three minutes? Apple asks the question in this Chinese New Year short film shot entirely on the iPhone X


Anyone else felt there's onion in front of your monitor? I don't know about you but I am wiping so bad. 🙁


    I don't feel anything…. but suddenly my eyes drop tears… 🙂

    Ibrahim Eusof

    Same here too.

lucky lot

we really have to question ourselves how indeed lucky we really are!
nice one Apple!


It just you lots were too soft. I felt nothing, had watch something better than that.


    wow, look at mr.badass here.


Samsung, can your phone make such nice short movie?

proof it…


    nah samsung will use their phone to shoot sorry video like note7 incident and advertisement that blindly tease their competitors, sama2 low class like some of their users lel


    oh boo effing hoo. Its just a matter of getting a famous director to get this made. Making a short film to tug at your heart string in order to push a product is NOTHING new. Just like what petronas would do at every festivity. I don't fall for such foolery.


    I wonder can Samsung do it? Don’t search for it on YouTube. Apple makes its users believe any tom dick and harry can now produce such a cinematic masterpiece with their RM5K toy. Who cares about storyline and videography skills. As long as you believe is enough then it is RM5K worth spending.


      U try produce one with your iPhone X and see if it will be any better than note 8.


    You think this one is so nice? Wonder why some human are so blindly stupid. You watch great content, then just enjoy it. Why suddenly need to burn the oil by calling samsung into this. It shows inferiority complex dude.


Made using a rm5k worth junk of a phone which is gonna be sunset soon and look who is talking about Samsung. You can soon see this phone in the museum. Grow up ifools.


This is a tear jerker. But really, I must say the situation in China is real.

A friend from China once told me that a lot of the GLCs employ millions of workers where most of them are just confined to mundane tasks like just lifting a barrier.

There is more than a billion people there in China and everyone’s dying to secure a job when there’s not many around.

So, if someone who’s already has a job, he or she would work very hard to keep it, and that would include missing holidays or work long hours.

Don’t even think about employees rights or stuffs like that.

Life is hard for most people. For those who are lucky, just be grateful – thank your lucky stars.

TH Chew

The point of the video is not about the sad story. It is about keeping the moment captured forever. So just take any device that can take picture or video. It does not matter be it Samsung or iphone or even Mi. Brand doesn't matter in capturing the moment as long as you can keep it forever, so what is the point of bashing brands?