Samsung Galaxy A8 review: You’re paying for more than what’s “on paper”

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Oh yeah, the durian has dropped. We now know all we need to know about Samsung’s Galaxy A8 and A8+ smartphones. The final piece of the puzzle has been found so you know what that means: Judgement time.

If you’ve been following, you may have seen the first impressions I posted about a month ago. If you haven’t, I suggest you go read it now because this review is kind of like a “Part 2”, where I fill in the blanks I couldn’t the last time.

But, to recap, here’s a quick TL;DR:

I was pretty impressed with Samsung’s refreshed take on their premium mid-range smartphone. It had a great build, great screen, pretty good performance and a sexy new look.

What’s more, the handset also gave you access to ecosystem-specific features like Samsung Pay and Samsung Gear VR, which are things you can’t get with any other non-Samsung mid-ranger. Then, there were other general perks that are just great to have like IP68 water resistance, a dedicated microSD card slot so you don’t have to deal with any of that hybrid SIM tray nonsense and smaller stuff like a 3.5mm headphone jack as well as fast-charging.

But, there were also uncertainties and things I didn’t like. I was super unsure about the smartphone’s camera, for example, face unlock, its battery life, and if the phone’s performance would hold up over time as more stuff populated my smartphone. I also didn’t like the single speaker that fired out of the side.

Then, of course there’s the most important thing for any smartphone: Its price. Is the Samsung Galaxy A8 ultimately worth your money?

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14 Comments for Samsung Galaxy A8 review: You’re paying for more than what’s “on paper”


i cannot even afford a mid range phone…..i definitely can forget dreaming of mid range kar and mid range howse.


    Start with mid range dictionary


Your grammar low range


    Your grammar very very very high range ! 🙂


Frankly, with so many categories of products in its pipeline waiting to be refreshed, its cracking their engineers and marketing geniuses’ heads to release newer ones that do not perform better than their current flagships, shouldnt even get close eg the S8.


review Xperia XA2/Ultra (especially rear camera for XA2) when they come out


Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+ (2018) not even worth its asking prices.

This two phones are disgrace to Samsung A-Series, it has made this series breaking with its tradition and purposes.

Both phones are hardly able to be recommended to other people. furthermore, with the rising of Chinese manufacturers in smartphones industry, even their most popular J-series might be next to be ruined by Samsung.

Samsung, the next to follow the footsteps of an old Nokia in the past.


    Samsung has moved into Apple category.
    Their names are premium.
    Name first.

Cheras Man

*Don’t take my comment too personally but seriously instead
I think writing a smartphone review isn’t something like you posted, a decent smartphone review is to convince others why to buy or not to buy this phone but not just stating “alas still quite a good smartphone”. Overall, things gone too personally in your review e.g selfie blur. What makes you so sure that selfies are meant to show everything? Learn something from GSMARENA and PHONEARENA.

Julian ong

Surprise! So far I read reviews on this phone was OK…. Only selfie camera outstanding…. Mid range phone


My opinion…
That low light camera performance is good enough.
It is 16 MP but still a good pictures
U cant say it is a terrible performance, it is a 16MP sensors on a smartphone, what are you thinking? A DSLR? The flagship only has 12 MP so it is better on low light performance than 16MP one.

I hava one ass
Im not biased

32 Gb… Im with you..


Looks very premium but I feel the battery and features are not promising.

When will Samsung grow up?

    Soya Jinchao

    Judging by your feelings or experience? On other site’s review, this phone is one of the best battery friendly phone in 2018. Please refer to Phone arena or trusted review.


What im gonna do? Already bought samsung galaxy A8. Should i resell it?