It’s 2018 and people are queuing up for a TM product. Can you believe it?

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You’ve seen queues for clothing, devices and even burgers. But you probably would never expect to see a line for a prepaid SIM card from TM.

In case you missed it, TM has introduced its new Unifi Mobile service and they are giving away one million SIM cards with 20GB of LTE data. Each person can register for up to 5 lines so that’s 100GB worth of data that you can get for free.

The key highlight of Unifi Mobile is its non-expiry feature as long as your SIM card is active. So that’s free LTE data that you can use at any time as long as there’s at least 1MB of data usage or a voice call/sms made every 90 days. Apparently, over 100,000 SIMs have been collected so far. If you prefer to have it delivered, it will cost you RM10.60.

If you’re interested, you can register for your SIM Pack by downloading the [email protected] app that’s available for both Android and iOS. You can learn more in our Unifi Mobile post.

Below are the lines at TMpoint Cyberjaya and at Menara TM.


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58 Comments for It’s 2018 and people are queuing up for a TM product. Can you believe it?


The key highlight of Unifi Mobile is its non-expiry feature as long as your SIM card is active."
I can't understand this part. So do we keep the SIM card active?


    i mean, how do we keep the sim card active.


      It actually require you to top up at least once in every 3 months with any add-on though.


      According to TM, you just need to do ONE of the following every 90 days:
      1. Make 1 outgoing phone call, or
      2. Send 1 outgoing SMS, or
      3. Browse for 1MB, or
      4. Reload any amount between RM10, 30, 50, 100, or
      5. Purchase any of our data or voice and SMS passes

      You can read more here:…


        Actually point 1 to 3 is same as point 4.
        Because in their faq, make any chargeable usage in other word u need to you make chargeablr usage if there is no pay per use?that’s mean u need to topup..


          Nope. Steps 1-3 are using the existing add-ons that you have at the moment. We got this from a TM representative. They clarified that you don't need to top up or purchase an add on.


          point 4 means top up credit, point 1-3 means spending your credits.
          from my understanding, chargeable usage means spending your credits.


        This is as easy as 123!


    but I saw Tapp by Digi. They give better validity. Like if you want to keep account active then no need lot of money. You can keep number by spending 1RM for 1 day or even 10 days. Upto you. I got my sim 1 week back. Free delivery, free activation, choose special number validity for life just make free tapp to tapp call only
    Don’t need to queue.


    but I saw other Telco tapp by Digi. They give better validity. Like if you want to keep account active then no need lot of money. You can keep number by spending 1RM for 1 day or even 10 days. Upto you. I got my sim 1 week back. Free delivery, free activation, choose special number validity for life just make free tapp to tapp call only
    Don’t need to queue.

    New Unifi mobile user

    You topup RM10 today, you have 90 days activation period. With RM10, at day 89 you make a call or sms cost RM0.20, then you entitled with another 90 days activation period and so on… this is what I get the answer from TM today.


just curious then, when does the 90 days countdown starts? Upon the first time activation or on the date of purchase? Cause i'm planning to use 1 by 1 for 5 sim cards so i'm not sure if i can use up 100gb within 90days


    since first activation of course


      then the count resets after every top up/use.


Why need to queue when you can only register through the app?


    queue to collect the sim card.
    If prefer to have it delivered, it will cost you RM10.60


      Option to deliver through mail is also problem. You must there to receive the item as they need you information (by taking photo of your IC) else will be rejected!
      Anyway it is good to tray as it is free.

Alex Cheppanalil Abraham

TM point …..Bukit Raja Klang…. have no knowledge about this !!!!

Tried to apply through their app….

When it comes to ‘verify email’…..

The verification DOESN’T come through…… disappointing….


    Check your inbox. For some reason there was no notification of incoming email.

      Mohd Azhar

      maybe in your junk


Malay trend


Hidup webe.. never ending data..never ending call…never ending sms….never foreverever…..


    And never ending bill to pay. Basically Unifi mobile is perfect for lite user. They use just to stay connected and low on data usage.


      perfect to fit on gps tracker. nice

        Ajib meme biso

        For gps tracker better use onexox, 24month active time before topap, and every topap stack with adding activation days (sorry bad english)


          how about internet? need to subscribe pass? as GPS tracker required active internet.

David Low

Is it totally no cost to us upon registration or need to purchase some of the product(s) in order to get the free SIM(s)?


    dont be lazy go fking read.

Mohammad Hafiz

so upon collection, sim card wont be active unless we manually activate it right?
just like the guy above, i also thinking of using 1 sim only until 20gb is finish, then only i activate another sim.
can like that ah??


    Wrong. Once you collected, the system will cal and auto activate after 30 days if you hve not make the first call.

    I got my 1st Unifi Mobile sim on last wednesday and fast (No taking myKad). Then I ordered 2 more sim and I collected it on Thursday, can see the order is long alrdy. Plus, the TMPoint guy told me that the Mobile division need them to take cust MYKad photo…. which is why its longer and slower queue,..


      Looks like the product is a rush for TM to rollout as they hv forgotten to put procedure to get subscriber to take own MyKad photo for SIM registration.


      For all people here and at low yat forum also I saw some discussion. I read all the new Telco products. They say they are the new way etc etc. Like flexible plan. But actually they are not being really flexible. They still ask you minimum 20 or 30 RM like that. Only the Digi one…tapp allows you to budget very flexibly.. Like they don’t pressure us for money …they allow small RM for many days. And also allow sell unused quota for credit. Validity also looks like lifetime. Seems more honest.


        Dont compare and dont think Telco is charity. You should thanks to the availability of extremely lots of variety of products availale for you to choose and use.

        I have tried Tapp and I dont like it as it needs to install 2 apps. They are not perfect and many bugs. Personally I dont like VPN idea of Ookyo and Tapp.


          @vinc at least tapp not try to cheat us. And take lots of money from us. They seem to be transparent about what they have and what is coming soon.
          They make two apps to keep it simple and light. Instead of bulky slow app. I like the design.
          I think once they out of beta they are the best Telco out there who thinks of customer. They already have updated their app. Mine is very stable. I got special number in the tapp beta programme. And now I wait for them to launch final.

          Each to his own. Enjoy the good times for us customer.


Thanks TM for breaking the f*ckin* ice and monopoly from other bastard telcos that still provide stupid plans with shi*ty quota and prices that f*ck*ng expensive and irrelevant.

Che Azis B Baharum

Just wait for 3 month…half of the registed sim become un-active…no body will pay rm50 for 8gb…


    You pay RM50 for 8GB to be used forever (as long as TM and/or this plan still exist) la bro. Not everyone needs a big amount of data. This plan target towards light internet user that already have WiFi at home.


      This will never serve its objectives and is destined to be a failed project soon.



        'This will never serve its objectives and is destined to be a failed project soon.'

        by -Lrrrr the CEO of 5 stars toliet-


Just applied for it, this fits well with me that rarely top-up since I got free Wifi at home and university. It’s annoying to realize that my credit expired when I in desperate need of data or call.


    If that’s the case then tapp is even better. Spend even less you know.


      Megat r u from Digi? u seems like 1. Keep on promoting Digi…


I hv put it into my YES Altitude phone and it works on 4G whereby other telco SIM are not accepted by Yes Altitude for 4G but 3G and 2G only.


    Both networks are running on tdlte


      YES Altitude phone is actually model M316 from China Mobile, thats the reason why the model is M316Y as displayed on About on the setting.

      However the phone only support 2300MHz and 2600MHz for LTE. So very less coverage on Lte detected by the phone, mostly its roam on Celcom 3G.


Omg..typical malaysian…too many complains…try it first…and see hw it goes… nothg to loose…


    Agree with Jmes…

    Stop complaining…. No harm to try Unifi 4G.. Kalau x bagus, bukannya kena bayar pun… Bagi free pun complain ke?!


people still queue to get iPhone. so it’s nothing to write about.


    Apa-apa pun tahniah TM!!!

Peter Moses

How does the Rm139 and 129 works. Is it a 1 time payment per month for the 5 Sims? I am confused.

    Mohd Azhar

    i dont see any written this blog regarding rm129 & 139

      New Unifi mobile user

      I think this guy look at the advertising for home unifi RM129 10Mbs or RM139 30Mbs.

TH Chew

So disappointed with TM unifi mobile. Was asked to come back weeks later due to no stock! What the heck, when you offer such free you would expect huge demands and now ask people to come back a week later to collect my SIM card bcos of no stock?


Please read T&C at Unifi website first, 20GB complimentary for 4G LTE only,. if your area didnt have Unifi LTE coverage so no point to subscribe. This Unifi mobile also known as Webe also known as P1 ,. just beware guys


    You can still use it outside of 4G areas but it uses the LTE/3G quota which you’ll need to purchase.


Before I do not like TM people . Come 2018 I'm #piliapa saja # I am bebas # bayar bilabila # kredit takmati .
I truly feel bebas not lock up super long life 365 days , and this telco actually steal from me activating data
plan ( which I NEVER use ). Short change me 365 days is 11 months . Rakyat and non rakyat should benefit from this product , so guys at TM be patience , it takes time for people to migrate from existing telco . So when
the subscribers numbers goes up up up then data charges will come down .


    Yup, I was conned by Digi a few times too. Come time to renew the SuperLongLife 365, suddenly my older prepaid plan doesn't have the 365 days option anymore, unless if I PAY RM3 to "upgrade" to the latest version of prepaid plan.

    Then Digi promised free RM8 or RM10 credit for whatever amount reloaded. Reloaded, and credited with the promise credit a few weeks later (later than the promised 3 weeks), only to find out that the credit not only has a short expiry date, but ALSO can't be used to buy data or SuperLongLife, and ONLY for calls & SMS. Thanks, Digi, for being so generous & uncalculating!

    So yeah, hope Unifi Mobile's long validity can strongly disrupt the existing prepaid market, which is more interested in maintaining a high Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), than making prepaid plans more affordable than postpaid ones.