Do you need everything you’re paying for on your mobile plan?

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Malaysia new Telco plan

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Consumers are getting spoilt for choice when it comes to their mobile plan. Telcos are offering even more data and it’s common to see unlimited plans at attainable prices. While it’s tempting to jump on a plan that gives you more data for less, have you ever wondered if you’re paying more than what you should?

You could be paying for what you don’t need

10GB, 20GB, 30GB or unlimited? There’s just so much data to go around and the cost per GB is lower if you commit to a higher plan. If you look at the fine details, some plans often split their data quota by application, time or even network type. For example, some would give you 999GB for Facebook, 10GB for YouTube and 10GB for Instagram, but do you actually use that much for a single app?

As apps are driving the most usage on a smartphone, people are making less calls and SMS than before. There are many plans out there that offer unlimited voice calls and SMS but do you make more than 300 minutes of voice calls each month? Even if it is marketed as free, you’re actually paying for it.

Why must you pay RM30 a month?

For prepaid, it’s always a norm to top up RM30 a month to keep your line active and you must be wondering, why is this still a thing? If you’re travelling overseas for two weeks or more, it doesn’t make sense to pay for a full month. You deserve to pay less for services you don’t need.

What if you can design your own plan?

The mobile plans we have today are designed by telcos to cater to as many people as possible. We all know that one size doesn’t fit all and everyone has their own usage habits. Some might use more data while others need more voice calls. Don’t you wish you can pay less if you can remove the features that you don’t need? Why must monthly data plans cost a lot if all you use is 1GB a month?

An ideal plan would be one that can adapt to you. Imagine being able to customise your own plan with your desired amount of GB of data, voice calls and SMS with full flexibility.

It’s time to start getting what you really want. Because #youdoitbetter. Mark your calendars on 29 January 2018.

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8 Comments for Do you need everything you’re paying for on your mobile plan?


TLDR: mark yr calender on 29 Jan 2018.


I am only paying RM33/year to remain active, on Hotlink, the best and fastest mobile network in Malaysia.
My actual cost cheaper since I buy Hotlink credits at >20% off during Lazada promotion.
If I need data boost, HotlinkMU offers daily data as low as RM1/GB
All this, no need follow special rules and limitations.



    Aniki Tan

    actually no need that much to remain the number, i got one u mobile sim, just need to use the free binfinite points to deduct 200 = RM2 for every 2 + 59 days to avoid line being cutoff and yet the RM2 still credited into the balance every 2 months~

      Aniki Tan

      now i might add switch my U28 back to prepaid for the same method and add unifi mobile for the free 20GB/10min/10sms and also reload RM10 after 89 days or before that buy add on for calling and sms

U mobile

I’m paying only rm38/month for my postpaid.
Unlimited calls to all my aweks.


Vibe better. Pay RM200 one time and get 20gb for 12 months. Only RM16.70 per month. Good for most people.


I live in ireland there any Topup last 6 month. All charges similar to malaysia but in euro. I pay what I use. Here when I'm in secondary school back in 90s I have rm20 permanently on my phone because I don't use it as much. Being forced to pay to keep the line active is ridiculous.

I'm not complaining for me. I buy data alot so all my Topup now get used. But my retired parent don't use theirs to buy data or makes call. Telco are robbing this people. TM made a great move here.


Hi, can anyone PM me what is the telco show above?

I'm a simcard collecter hobby~