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U Mobile’s new Unlimited Hero P79 Postpaid comes with free Spotify Premium

U Mobile P79

U Mobile has announced its new Unlimited HERO P79 postpaid plan which replaces its previous Unlimited HERO P78 plan. It packs “Unlimited” features and if you love music, it also comes with free Spotify Premium.

Unlike its previous P78 plan with unlimited data that’s capped at 5Mbps, this new P79 plan comes with 20GB of high-speed data. For those who travel, the P79 plan comes with 1GB of Roam-Onz which you can use in 12 countries. As a comparison, the previous P79 plan gives you 5GB of Roam-Onz.

On top of that, it still comes with unlimited calls to all networks, unlimited music streaming with Music-Onz and unlimited video streaming via Video-Onz. The plan also comes with free data for WhatsApp, WeChat and Waze. Strangely App-Onz, which offers unlimited data for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram isn’t listed for this plan.

For the free Spotify Premium offer, U Mobile is offering 6 months of subscription and it is only valid if you subscribe to the plan by 31 March 2018.

To redeem your free subscription, you would need to access this page while connected to mobile data and then sign up or login to your existing Spotify account. After the 6 months is up, you will be billed for the full Spotify Premium subscription.

There’s also the option to share your 20GB of data with other users with Share 20 supplementary lines. It costs RM20 per line each month and it comes with 30 minutes of free calls within the U Mobile network. Below is a comparison with other U Mobile postpaid plans above RM50/month.

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For more info, visit U Mobile’s Unlimited Hero Postpaid page.

Alexander Wong