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This is TM’s new UniFi mobile service

TM Unifi Mobile Prepaid

TM has recently discontinued its webe postpaid service and they are about to introduce a new offering under its Unifi branding. We can now confirm that TM will be doing prepaid and it’s called Unifi Mobile. Its official app has appeared on both Android and iOS platforms, which provided us with more details of their upcoming plan.

From first impressions, Unifi Mobile appears to be another Digital driven telco service which is similar to Maxis’ ookyo and Digi’s tapp. The sign up process and account management are done completely from the official app.

For starters, Unifi Mobile will be offering 20GB of free LTE data and the plan will be fully customisable based on your preference. Another interesting feature is that your prepaid credit will never expire and it’s the same for your data, calls and SMS as long as your line is active.

The registration process is fairly easy. If you’re an existing TM subscriber, it will pull your personal information if it matches your email address. Surprisingly, you can sign up for up to 5 SIM cards at one go and you can select your own mobile number which uses the 010 and 011 prefix. We’re not sure if TM is providing free 20GB of data for each ID or each SIM. If it’s for each SIM, that’s a total 100GB of free data.

To receive your SIM card, you can opt for self-collection at your nearest TM point or you can have it delivered for a fee of RM10.60 (inclusive of GST).

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In terms of actual cost for data, calls and SMS, we can’t see it yet since we haven’t received our SIM pack. Based on the screenshots from their app store listing, you can purchase from as little as 1GB basic data for RM13 or up to 8GB of high-speed data that’s split between network types at RM50. To top up, you can use either a debit/credit card or via online banking.

It is possible that these are just mockups for app submission and the actual plans are cheaper when it launches. The clear differentiator is its no expiry feature on credit and data validity but we hope they don’t split up data based on the network type (4G/3G/2G).

Unifi Mobile Add-ons

Below are the data, call and SMS cost, according to their FAQ.

8GB High-speed (4GB LTE only + 4GB LTE/3G) – RM50
4GB High-speed (2GB LTE only + 2GB LTE/3G) – RM30
2GB High-speed (1GB LTE only + 1GB LTE/3G) – RM15
1GB Basic-internet (1GB LTE/3G) – RM13

200 min calls + 200 SMS – RM30
60 min calls + 60 SMS – RM10

All calls are charged based on a 60-seconds block and you’re allowed to use your data for hotspot. The add-ons have no expiry and it will be there as long as your line is active. TM will send an SMS reminder when you’re low on data, calls and SMS. Once you’ve depleted your quota, just purchase more via the app.

To keep your line active, just ensure there’s usage, reload or purchase any add-ons within 90 days from last purchased date. Your Unifi Mobile line will be terminated after 90 days if you do not buy any add-ons within 90 days.

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UPDATE: We reached out to TM and according to them, you won’t need to purchase any add-on or make a top up to keep your line active. All you’ll need to do is to either make a phone call, send an SMS or use at least 1MB of data.

So the bare minimum to maintain your line is to either get the RM10 calls+sms pack or pay RM13 for the basic 1GB internet add-on every 3 months. That’s a minimum of RM40 per year if you need a basic mobile line just to receive calls.

Every Unifi Mobile SIM Pack will contain the following:

20GB (LTE ONLY) during promotion period
50MB (3G/LTE data)
10 minutes call (all networks)
10 SMSes (all networks)

Coverage wise, we believe it should be the same as webe as TM has its own 4G LTE coverage (LTE band 5 @ 850MHz) with domestic roaming on Celcom 3G/2G network.

You can order your free SIM pack now using the [email protected] app that’s available for both Android and iOS.

UPDATE: TM delays self-collection/delivery for Unifi Mobile SIM. You can only collect your SIM card from 24 January 2018.

Thanks MHaffiezMNazri for the tip!

Alexander Wong