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Tune Talk appoints new CEO after Jason Lo’s scandal

Posted:  January 16, 2018   By:    8 comments   

Ameen Amaendran Abdullah

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Tune Talk, has just appointed Ameen Amaendran Abdullah as their new CEO. According to Bernama, his appointment took effect yesterday and he succeeds Jason Lo who was the CEO since December 2007.

Ameen is no stranger in the telco industry. Before his latest appointment, he was the CEO of redONE and he had also served at Celcom as the head of MVNO and the migrant segment.

In a statement to TheEdgeMarkets, “Ameen’s presence in the company, backed by his vast experience, forward-looking, and a track record of great achievements under his belt, will be the catalyst that will direct the company to unprecedented levels.”

It added that “Ameen brings a great mix of leadership, inspiration, operational experience, technical breadth, and passion for customer care to the table. All of which will ensure the company stays on the right path in achieving its goal of becoming the Asean MVNO.”

Below is Tune Talk’s introductory video for their new chief.

It was earlier reported that an unnamed CEO of a Malaysian telecommunications company was arrested in Dubai due to drug possession. In a statement to TheEdgeMarkets, Jason Lo had denied such rumours and added that he was trying to break up a fight which involved his friend. The IGP had also confirmed that Jason Lo was detained in Dubai to assist investigations into a fighting case but it was not because of drugs.

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Soya cincau, your tithe is inviting a lawsuit.

Unless Tune Talk said they they are appointing a new CEO specifically due to what happened to the previous CEO trouble with the law… the reason in your title is your personal opinion and could amount to defamation.


    Hi Jason. Found a job yet?

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This video is truly a joke…..


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