The Nokia 8 camera is worse than the iPhone 6 according to DxOMark

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When the Nokia 8 was introduced, many had expected it to be a serious photography contender. It had dual 13MP f/2.0 cameras at the rear with ZEISS optics which shoots in both colour and monochrome.

The Nokia flagship had just completed its evaluation at DxoMark and its scores were pretty disappointing. It’s so low that it is even ranked 5 points lower than the iPhone 6 that has a single 8MP f/2.2 camera.

According to DxOMark, the Nokia 8 is a decent device but there’s room for improvement if it wants to compete with the likes of Apple, Samsung and Huawei. They noted that it struggles to get any usable exposure in its darkest 1 Lux low light scene and dynamic range is good only if its Auto HDR function kicks in properly.

They also added that photos sometimes show low levels of saturation and there’s also noticeable colour shading with a strong loss of sharpness towards the edges of the frame. Since it doesn’t have a dedicated telephoto lens, you’ll lose details when zooming in and DxoMark recommends that you avoid 2x zoom unless it is an emergency.

When it comes to video, the Nokia 8 loses points for autofocus and stabilisation. Their Nokia 8 test unit refuses to autofocus in low light which makes their videos unusable. For stabilisation, DxOMark says it’s on par with the Galaxy S6 edge from 3 years ago. Overall, the Nokia 8 scored 72 points for photos and 62 points for video.

On DxoMark Mobile’s current list, the Nokia 8 is placed below the Galaxy S6 edge, iPhone 6 and Meizu’s Pro 7 Plus. The only consolation is that it beats its former Nokia 808 PureView which came with a massive 41MP sensor with Carl Zeiss optics. You can check out DxoMark’s Nokia 8 camera review here.

When we reviewed the Nokia 8, one of our biggest frustrations was its camera software which is extremely buggy and it lacked basic manual controls like ISO, shutter speed and manual focus. Despite having great credentials on paper, it doesn’t produce images that are on par with today’s flagship smartphones. You can learn more in our Nokia 8 review.

Do you agree with DxoMark’s assessment? Let us know in the comments below.


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9 Comments for The Nokia 8 camera is worse than the iPhone 6 according to DxOMark

dead wood

Like everyone says…..
NOKIA is dead!!!!!


DxOMark favours Apple. Not surprising.


    DxO favours whatever benefits to them.. not just about Apple.

    There’s a reason why there are stats of how many photos being taken using on iOS devices vs Android devices

Tan Keat Seang

I bought Nokia 8 the second day it launched. My feeling/experience from Nokia 8 is, it doesn’t impress/enlighten me at all. Camera cannot focus and hang many times (under normal day light condition); battery not as lasting as other phone with same mAh capacity.


    Your are right.i also bought nokia 8 and have a same old huawei mate 7 camera 10 times better than nokia 8.


I think Nokia lost points due to slow auto focus. This is not a fair result as I have been using this phone for more than a month. Once you get the focus right we will get pretty awesome pics. It gives me way better photos compared to my previous Galaxy s6 which was better than iPhone 6. We know that there will be a collective effort from other manufacturers because resurgence of Nokia means huge dent in their sales. Anyways I am pretty happy with Nokia 8. Excellent display,good camera,fast performance, excellent battery life. Usually lasts 1.5 days with medium usage. 7 hours of screen on time.


Wow! on the Xiaomi Note 3 score. I think the Mi6 uses the same camera system too?

dead wood

u guys here are caught with a dead wood and trying so hard to justify ur dumb purchase!
if ur screwed, then ur screwed!!!
only half baked dumb a55 will buy a Nokia.


look at the camera sensor, pixel size is small, 1.12 um, despite having mono camera.

but, for 2k flagship, not really a bad thing, it just others a bit better overall.