This is supposedly the world’s first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor

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With newer smartphones being introduced with “FullView” displays, most manufacturers are still trying to find an ideal place for a fingerprint sensor. Samsung had gone with a rear-mounted unit while Apple has ditched it completely on the iPhone X. Interestingly, Huawei had managed to squeeze one on the bottom chin of its Huawei Mate 10 and honor View10.

It’s no secret that Chinese smartphone maker, vivo, wants to be the first to embed a fingerprint sensor on the screen itself. Last year they had a showcase using Qualcomm’s Sense ID technology and now they want to convince the world that they are one step closer in introducing one on a phone that you can actually buy.

At CES 2018, vivo has presented yet another in-display fingerprint sensor prototype but this time it uses Synaptics’ solution which is optical based instead of Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic version. The optical sensor works only with OLED displays for now and when the sensor is activated, it will light up just enough pixels to illuminate your fingertip.

At the moment, this in-display fingerprint sensor is capable of unlocking in 0.7 seconds. It’s fast but not as lightning fast as today’s fingerprint sensors that can unlock in 0.2 seconds. According to AndroidCentral, you’ll need to apply a bit of pressure on the display so that your fingerprint is flattened out properly to be read by the optical sensor. They added that the sensor under the display is visible when it’s tilted at an angle.

At the moment, the feature is still on a prototype device and vivo says they will have it on a real production smartphone very soon. So far they have yet to announce any launch timelines and there’s a chance that other manufacturers might beat them to the punch if they are not quick enough.

In the meantime, check out some hands-on videos below. Would you want this on your next smartphone? Let us know your thoughts below.

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20 Comments for This is supposedly the world’s first smartphone with an in-display fingerprint sensor


Will it work with glass/plastic screen protector?

orang biasa

Very good. In future can make full bezeless display or nearly 95% screen coverage. But i bet cannot apply screen protector on that fingerprint sensor area.


Why can't Apple be innovative like that? Oh yeah Apple only steals, they don't innovate.


    because apple now using face ID rather than Touch ID now?

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      Hahaha you seriously don’t know about apple they really copy other manufacturers soon you’ll see future iPhone with on screen finger print


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          Good pay for apple and stay positive with iOS even get slap from iOS after one year. Good job! Continue being an apple fans on top. Stay at top and change your battery or get ready for new iphone xi. Good luck.


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          Why are you so free? Don’t you have lots of old iPhone batteries to replace? Charge so expensive and have to wait for 7 days for a bloody 30 minute job.


          what to do although i hated the time given to only replace a bloody battery, probably too many units need to get changed. how about you? busy looking at tech news when is a good time to change your cheap smartphone every half a year or even less?

          Bapak Kau

          Eh kau rilex ah

          Bapak Kau

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Without Steve Jobs, Apple no more innovated since.


    Since when Steve innovated? His phones merely removed keypads from Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices. He also removed interchangeable batteries.

    But yet, everyone else also followed. Stranged.


      lel just like how everyone were teasing when apple take the initiation to generalise Touch ID, most of the kambings were joking on apple that time, kena cut finger and blablabla, now fingerprint is a must and essential on a smartphone. kambings are staying too low to able to see the true fact, they rather syok sendiri at bottom lel cant blame their choice.

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      and so on, and kambing are using the thing they blindly teased that day, how ironic n stupid.


        Manucature your own apple lcd rather bought from LG or Samsung. Apple produce own chipset? TSMC produces for your A11 bionic? Stay proud be an apple fans. China boleh


          why must a company manufacture product's parts all by itself? have you ever heard of out-sourcing which is so so common in business? you dont put risk at something you aren't familiar with rather out source to someone who has been in this field and are capable of doing something you want, its all about money. again katak like yall who blindly shoot every single time wont know this kind of thing, cause forever stay at bottom with that stupid false fact in your head lel.


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Nice make better smartphone