Discounted iPhone battery replacements now available at Machines |

Discounted iPhone battery replacements now available at Machines

Posted:  January 2, 2018   By:    41 comments   

UPDATE: Machines revises its discounted battery replacement price to RM129.

If you’re certain that your iPhone is slow because of a bad battery, Apple is offering a discount for a new battery replacement. The discounted battery replacement program is also applicable in Malaysia and you can do it through Apple’s authorised service provider, Machines, starting today.

Before sending your device in, do take note of the following:

1) Make sure all data is backed-up (the Service Center do not provide data back-up service, all data will be erased once the unit is surrendered)
2) Disable Find My iPhone (FMiP) feature from the unit.
3) The program will replace only the battery.
4) Estimation whole process is 5-7 working days (excluding weekends and public holiday).
6) No loaner/temporary unit will be provided.
7) Accessories such as screen protector/tempered glass is not covered and consider loss once the unit is surrendered.

For those in the Klang Valley, you can walk-in at Machines outlets at Suria KLCC, The Curve or Northpoint Mid Valley. You can also schedule an appointment through Apple’s Support page.

The battery replacement costs RM369 and Apple is offering a discounted price of RM129, which is RM240 worth of savings. Over at Machines, the new battery will cost you RM137 and it’s inclusive of RM64 labour charge and GST.

This discounted pricing is available for the iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and above. Without the discount, Machines usually charges RM399 for a battery replacement as shown in their price list above. Apart from Machines, we expect other authorised service providers in Malaysia to support the same program as well.

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UPDATE: Machines have reduced their discounted battery replacement from RM137 to RM129. This matches Apple’s recommended pricing in their announcement. Below is their updated price list.

To refresh your memory, Apple had recently apologised for slowing down older iPhones if it ran on an aged battery. This was done deliberately to prevent sudden shutdowns and to prolong the battery life per charge.

As a result, users may experience reduced performance especially after updating to the latest iOS 11.2. This was first introduced on iOS 10.2.1 for the iPhone 6/6S/iPhone SE and recently they have included iPhone 7/7 Plus as well. To regain back your iPhone’s original performance, the only solution is to replace the battery which is now offered at a cheaper price. Apple has also promised to provide more information about your iPhone’s battery in their upcoming iOS update.


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41 Comments for Discounted iPhone battery replacements now available at Machines


5-7 days… Slow giler

    Sean Liew

    If I drive a Bentley, do you think it will take me 5 to 7 working days to change its battery? Welcome to Bolehland!


5-7 days .. this is another joke from APPLE …


And this has triggered all authorised and unauthorised vendors to slash their battery replacement charges. When the originals becomes this low, the 3rd party will definitely be lower. Will all other brands and models follow? Thanks or no thanks?


    Nobody but Apple give discounts for superior original battery. Great move by Apple to prolong the overall lifespan of their old products. They did not have to do it but they did anyway. An example for other brands to follow. Apple is great!


      Make Apple great again? Hahaha

      Caught red handed so this just another way for them to manage the situation. Obviously everybody got scammed with the ori battery price before.



        They should recall those phones and refurbish them to resell as iPhone 6 FE (fan edition)


Apply intentionally slowed Down our precious phones and it seemed like they also intentionally want us to think twice for the replacement.

No Loaner no phone for five to seven days .. That kills


    Intentionally slows down or caps certain operations depending on the degradation level of batteries to prevent shut downs/restart.

    Let me extract some details from its literature, believe it or not, up to us:

    In cases that require more extreme forms of this power management, the user may notice effects such as:

    > Longer app launch times
    > Lower frame rates while scrolling
    > Backlight dimming (which can be overridden in Control Center)
    > Lower speaker volume by up to -3dB
    > Gradual frame rate reductions in some apps
    > During the most extreme cases, the camera flash will be disabled as visible in the camera UI
    > Apps refreshing in background may require reloading upon launch

    Many key areas are not impacted by this power management feature. Some of these include:

    > Cellular call quality and networking throughput performance
    > Captured photo and video quality
    > GPS performance
    > Location accuracy
    > Sensors like gyroscope, accelerometer, barometer
    > Apple Pay


      If your car battery is old, I hope your engine will cap the speed to just 50kmph and gear slower to change. Let the car brand keep quiet until they get exposed so that you can defend is ok for a car to move slowly because of bad battery.


        lmao… best comment ever!!


5-7 days for battery replacement is such a joke! Da hell is wrong with Apple Support in Malaysia? Someone in Apple should head down here in Malaysia and get those folks at Machines to work their ass! I had my MacBook sent in for service and it's been 3 weeks in with Machines only to be told that I would have to wait till mid-February for the stained screen to be replaced since they have no stock left for the screen and that's such a shame! Not to mention their CS peeps aren't responsive and only give a damn of my case when I spam their social media like wth! Of course some other part has to be ordered which will take some time to arrive which is understandable but really frustrating too. In short, unless Apple actually give a damn about their customer service here in Bolehland, the hype of Apple product would soon died off because no one would want their gadget to be in for a month just for a repair! This is unheard of in other part of the world, even in Singapore! Wtf


    For your information, Machines is not under Apple 100% because it is just a premium reseller. It is very much different with Apple stores that are in the United States. Apple stores in the United States are the official one which are directly under Apple. You've compared it with Singapore but it is not a very good comparison as the Apple stores in the Singapore are the official one as well. So that is why the service sucks in Malaysia.


      Hey brainy he’s obviously implying that Machines as the AASP (Authorized Apple Service Provider) is the face of Apple Customer Support in Malaysia and hence anything good or bad that come out from Machines would be reflective of Apple, got it? Lol because you’re so full of yourself you can ant even fathom that simple fact and please don’t try to be smart here you know nothing of AASP sand how much it suck here in malaysia and that comparison with SG is valid since Apple give no fxck about their CS here in Malaysia lolllllllll


Genius appreciate, defend, praise Apple and get rewards, fool minded paid almost a year salary jailed inside iOS, never upgrade hardware on yearly basis, accused Apple and rewarded with legal proceeding from Apple end up paying huge compensation, Apple is of paramount greatest ever existing

Just Nobody

Why Malaysia cannot have an Apple Store since Singapore can have one, I remember our Prime Minister visited Tim Cook last time…can’t he ask him to set up a store here too. Malaysia people will feel grateful about that.


    First world vs third world. During keynote Malaysia is never mention in first wave iPhone countries.


    Keyword is PM visited Tim Cook and not the other way round.. so Apple don’t care less what PM wants. At most throw one or two biji of iPhone X to him and suruh main jauh2 …

    Just Nobody

    Apple store in Singapore is quite far from my staying place, I don’t want go there, but the services provided by authorized reseller here, choice, go for Thundermatch then.


at least iphone with warranty should get free replacement…




Went to machine store at the curve yesterday. Was told that the battery replacement is not available for the discounted price. Was told that Apple has yet to confirm with them. Asked me to return late January 2018. Bullshit

Apple User

Why only Machines? What about other authorized retailers?


They hv upgrade their battery or just make a replacemet


way to go Apple. hell of a way to get rid off of your old battery stock (iphone 5 etc.) whilst can make profit some more.
Apple, never fail to impress :p

i bet when their sales go down, they will release an iOS update and make the phone slow again, then same circle continues.

now i see the pattern.


Not acceptable pls add manpower


Nearest is APPLE STORE Singapore. Replaced in 2 hours.
But, how about iPad battery replacement?


Can we buy the battery only.? how much it cost.?


    You can buy for about RM 50. If kaboom, don’t blame Apple.


      i can change the battery myself. 2 hours kawtim, rather than wait for 5 days. some more, they may loose those tiny screw during replacement.

        Just Nobody

        True, true, got similar experience before, they are careless on others phone.


Would they restore the phone’s firmware while replacing the battery? Would prefer not to lose my jailbroken firmware…


    There's outside repair shop that can do battery replacement in front of you in less than 1 hour. Price is cheaper too.


have plenty of saving go into ios macos ecosystem but stingy to upgrade to latest iphone, ipad, imac, macbook? Geniune Apple fan never face such issue, plenty of spare saving to use, why those cheapskate user still use luxury iphone? So idiotic apple fan, not to buy the newest iphone and still want to complaint, beware kena defamation suit from American giant. True Apple fan always appreciate Apple for their caring and top notch performance.

Jack Fung

Actually Apple iPhone 5 already started to have battery problem. My iPhone 5 & 5s both “dead”, can’t even on back and I believe it’s the problem of battery. When charging the phone for hours, it shown full bar, but after unplug the cable, just after a call, it suddenly dropped to 10%, then after few minutes, it shut off. Sound familiar to anyone here? And the replacement costs RM399? Can’t Apple be more responsible to all users? Instead of just iPhone 6 or above where they should know iPhone 5 already had the battery issue. My android phones I am using both survived and battery works super fine after three years. And why is that?


    5 year old phone and out of warranty and you expect Apple to be responsible. You’re asking too much don’t you think?


    You're not forced to do it at AASP. A lot of outside repair shop can do it for you for a cheaper price than the discounted price.


    I’m here to find out about iphone 5 battery replacement & stumbled thru all these comments..

    I got it as a gift last year & after 2 months I noticed that battery drains so fast.. exactly like your problem.. fully charged but once i started playing with it it goes down to 60% in split seconds..

    And my old Samsung didn’t even die after 2-3 days without charging..

    I’m still scrolling for battery replacement shop though.. if you have any recommendations, gimme a buzz.. thank you..


5-7 days. Luckily I have spare iPhones lying around


Guys, I have something upsetting to tell. I went to Machines yesterday for the battery replacement. After sending it over, they emailed me to tell me that they have run diagnostics on my phone and that they cant replace it because it has been tampered by an unauthorised third party. True, i have sent the phone to Digital Mall once for repair. So i was like fine, i'll just collect it tomorrow. When i collected it, the phone's battery was flat and therefore i couldnt switch it on at the shop. Once i am back home, i switched it on and noticed there is this rainbow-coloured spot at the top of the screen. I switched it off and try to switch it on again. Guess what, it cant even switch on! I went to digital mall to see whats wrong, guess what? they told me the screen is spoilt and showed that the screws were not properly placed back and thr screen were press too hard that it got spoilt. Called them and they told me its not their problem and the fault is mine coz i sent it to a third party. Hello! The problem is you mishandled my phone. The phone was working just fine before, third party or not.

Anyway the phone is now fixed but it cost me an additional RM250 just to fix that screen. I am so pissed with Machines. What can i do?


    haiizzz….they missed handle and blame on others now…really stupid..i think should sue in the court. let's new government shut down all machine in Malaysia. we need company who can serve us better and not causing further issue.