Apple says sorry for slowing down your iPhone. Offers discounted battery replacements

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A week ago, Apple had admitted that they were slowing down older iPhones. It was proven that older iPhones with aged batteries would be throttled significantly to retain a decent amount of battery life and to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

After public outcry and multiple lawsuits with one as high as $999 billion, Apple has finally responded with a solution.

In a statement released today, Apple apologises for letting their customers down and they emphasised that would never intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product or to degrade the user experience in order to drive customer upgrades. Their goal is to make their iPhones last as long as possible.

When Apple rolled out iOS 10.2.1, they had improved power management during peak workloads which will prevent unexpected shutdowns on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE. This allows them to manage the maximum performance of some system components when needed to prevent a shutdown. These changes are said to be unnoticeable but users may experience longer launch times and reduction of performance.

Apple claims the response to iOS 10.2.1 was positive as it reduced the number of shutdowns for these iPhones. As a result, they have also extended the same support for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus with iOS 11.2. As discovered by most people, you can regain normal performance if an aged battery is replaced with a new one.

To address customers’ concerns and to recognise their loyalty, Apple is offering a US$50 discount for out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacement. Originally priced at US$79 (about RM321), you can get your battery replaced for only US$29 (about RM117). This will be applicable to anyone using an iPhone 6 and above beginning January 2018 until December 2018.

To make it clearer that battery replacement is due, Apple will release an iOS update which gives more visibility to the health of their iPhone battery. We are guessing this could be a new section under settings which would make it more obvious that your phone is being throttled because of an old battery.

You can read the full statement here. We’ve been told that the discounted battery replacement will be available for iPhone users in the Malaysian market and Apple will publish more details on their website soon.


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51 Comments for Apple says sorry for slowing down your iPhone. Offers discounted battery replacements

Matt Li

Will this news reflect battery replacement pricing in Apple Machines too?




"This will be applicable to anyone using an iPhone 6 and above beginning January 2018 until December 2018."

Whoa before we leap with joy, off my head I can think of two quid pro quo for discounted replacement elligability.
(a) Your battery must be indeed be worn out and in need of replacement. That's what the firmware update is for.
(b) Your iphone have not been repaired or parts replaced with non Apple parts.


Caught red handed, now need to do some hand washing activites


Apple statement says Iphone 6 and older.. not above ler… Adoi


    read properly again… adoi


    You need to go for eye checkup. If still fail, please go back to school and stay there.


why need to charge customer? replace for free la. its ur fault la apple. sue them some more lah!


    exactly what i thought so. already committed offence but still want to charge for battery replacement! f off with this greedy corp!


      it's like forcing the old phone user spend more to change battery just to recover the speed.
      Pay more for original speed


        ya i believe car industry has been doing it

        most stupid comment ever


          and the dumbest sheep in the world goes to….. brainless SWAN (what a shitty name) !!!


          Swan is the type of person who buys the cheapest vios j and pretend he drives a lexus in front of his neighbours. Thinks he has class but reality he is nothing but a pariah. Good he is around or else we have nothing to laugh about.


          Wtf u talking about u dumbass. What kind of stupid example is that.


the caused has been done and apple should face the lawsuits and compensate accordingly!
dont let apple got away this easily.


battery replacement with discount ; ok, that the way to do it.
update IOS with better clarification on what's the status of the battery AND give choices for user that dont wanna change battery, but still wanna maintain the high power consumption.

cuz, NOT all people wanna spend to change the battery.


    exactly…apple has made the most from us and users still have to bear the cost for this type of flaws??? it is very unreasonable. apply could have have the percentage of people who accept this so called gestures to counter back the claim and to avoid the charges as a result.


    Not all users want to spend to change battery but wish to continue to use the phone properly – so, one way is to tone down the performance thus lowering down power demand so it can lasts longer and runs as reasonably.

    I think, no one will use a phone that lasts only 1 hour or latching on power bank the whole day.


      A few of my friends is like that. Full charge only last 3 hours. So……. Throttle down performance is not a good solution. Not every Malaysia state have AUTHORISED apple service centre. How to repair it, sent to kl and wait for a week…..


Sudah kantoi still wanna milk the sheep. This is apple being stupid. If they disclose the problem / being honest with consumer, they can avoid this altogether. What's the point of having the most powerful smartphone chip, but will slow down like hell after the battery degrades?


    My 6+ still running well, definitely slowed down, but not like "hell" albeit 3+ years. WhatsApp, FB, games etc still working fine. Battery is definitely not fresh and now it's the best time to replace with fresh original batteries.

    Even more worth getting as it's now 2x the 3rd party battery price. Had bad experience with 3rd party batteries that are almost dead after only 6 months.


      Speak for urself. There were hundreds, if not, thousand ifans complaining on forums, etc-2 abt shutdown, lag and even mine (ip7) also experiencing random freeze and stutter here and there.
      Stop deflecting and playing damage control for apple's stupidity.


I have a great admiration for the people who buy and use Iphones.

I bought it for my wife thinking it was a user-friendly phone and more powerful than an Android.

How wrong I was! When you are tied into the Apple ecosystem, you are virtually a prisoner!

Expensive POS!


    then you are stupid.

    almost all companies will do that.

    or else they will end up like Nokia.


      typical isheep lel. u hate apple u stupid . u hate android u genius la ? its his choice, he went there, didnt like that POS, that is his choice , what has he done wrong ? your money is it ?

        Idiot is you

        Totally agree with you


          agreeing with his idiocy….clap clap


You still don’t want to change your iPhone? Fine, go buy battery. I give you discount. Please pay us minimum RM100 for it. Apple still win and all you suckers still need to pay.


    That's why suckers always loose because they are still in slumbered state of mind…)))


i dun understand why apple give discount for the battery? apple fan can afford that. apple fan should accept whatever apple throw to them. if truely apple fan, said no to the discount when u replacing battery.


Loyal Apple fan should support and pay whatever Apple products, Tim Cook is doing excellent job in pushing Apple turn to another height and no doubt entitled to remuneration of equivalent RM 412,000,000.00 this year, loyal Apple fan just go to Apple service centre and pay full for replacing spart part, loyay fan will never complaints in the cyberspace, they like being jailed in ios MacOS ecosystem


    True fans buy new phones. An insult to repair old iPhone.


I wonder how many iOS user here. I believe most of the negative comment are from Android Phone users.


    but lawsuit came from iOS user


    Of course iOS users cannot comment because their iphone lag and always random shutdown.


    when u holding a cheap phone and butthurt cant afford something expensive u diedie hope that brand got shit happen so that u can bash bash bash, thats what most of the android users doing, LEL forever sad life


ok… please think straight… Steve Cook said "We appologies… and we slashing your replacement battery price, and we will use update our IOS to indicate how bad your battery is", Oh come on Apple !

1. They do these because to stop unexpected / accident / sudden shutdown of your system? – well, let the customer worried about it.. if you so worried then do something like what Android does.. let customer chose what they preferred.
2. Cut price for replacement batteries ? – At the end Still Apple earning big big bucks due to that
3. Updated IOS with battery monitoring apps? – biggest joke of the day…. customer don't even need to let the app tell you whether your battery in what sort ever condition with apps… THEY JUST KNOW ! And what to expect when your had use your phone for a year? And he not even saying that he will give back the actual performance of your phone should be getting….

Sorry Apple fans, Apple just not worthy anymore… what they thinking now is just trying to rip off your wallet or pocket… that is all !


    Who is Steve Cook?

      uh huh

      A guy named Steve who cooks apparently


The title is wrong. Apple says sorry you no money to buy my latest iPhone. Here’s a discount to change your battery. Say thank you very much and kneel before me.

TC king

now i know Android users are arse hurt whenever Apple do anything wrong.
they really got nothing to do except talk cock!


    like myvi vs honda city? android user use myvi, ios user use honda city?


      use apple means high class people?


        that has always been the mentality, anything besides apple is low class 🙂


        Apple now not like those years and i don't feel proud being an Apple phones users now.

        They are not innovated as it use to be during Steve Jobs era.

        Their glitters have gone.

Kah Fai

How would the case for Malaysia? We don’t have Apple Store here. Would you be able to find out and share it out to all iPhone 6/6s owners?


    You can do this at any authorised Apple service centres throughout Malaysia. More info will be published by Apple soon.


Tim Cook this year income USD128 million=RM518 million, but paying peanut to cybershooter, but those cybershooter still fighting for Apple until last breathe…even obviously commit fraudulent, how high IQ are those cybershooter around the globe that create ifan? Soyacincau comments also fill with some of them…


Just check on machine Sunway
RM400 on changing the battery
Both 6S &6S Plus
Apple sucking our blood money


Why the need for USD29.00 for the battery when they should change for free. This is their faults and not the users fault.

I guess every Apple users from Iphone 6 onward should file a claims for this unscrupulous acts by Apple in short changing their loyal customers.

They have plenty of billions to paid out this claims.

We don't want free battery, we want compensation in term of cash so we can use them to buy other phones.

Idiot is you

Good I and fuck yourself. And don’t end your stupid comment with … finish your sentence. Never learn from school is it