Some Galaxy Note8 units fail to charge after being discharged fully

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After the Galaxy Note7 disaster, Samsung has committed itself to ensuring all devices have passed their stringent 8-point battery safety check. Over in the US, some Galaxy Note8 devices are now facing a different kind of problem.

According to several comments on forums, some users are unable to charge their Galaxy Note8 after their batteries are completely drained to 0% charge. Whether it is by cable or by wireless charging, nothing is showing up on their screen as it refuses to charge.

It appears that this problem has started appearing as early as September. Most of them reported the same situation where they can’t charge their phones after it had shut down because it ran out of battery. It seems that Samsung Mobile in the US has yet to issue a statement on the issue and those affected have eventually gotten their Galaxy Note8 unit replaced.

From the looks of it, this charging problem only affects US units which use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips. It’s worth pointing out that it isn’t clear if this is a hardware or a software issue. If it’s software, it can be easily fixed via a software update.

For Malaysian Galaxy Note8 users, you have probably nothing to worry about. So far we haven’t heard of any reports of such issue involving Exynos variants, which is what we get here in Malaysia.

When it comes to charging and discharging, most experts would agree that discharging a Lithium-Ion battery fully is bad for battery life and it should be avoided as much as possible. Since it doesn’t suffer memory effect problems like older Nicd or MiMH batteries, it’s actually better to have more partial discharge which would reduce stress and can prolong overall battery life.

Do you let your smartphone battery drain fully or do you usually top it up when you get a low battery warning? Let us know your charging habits below.

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23 Comments for Some Galaxy Note8 units fail to charge after being discharged fully


what year is it? and we are still concerned about whether our phone get fully discharged or charged?

and why are software issues assumed “easily fixed”. the note 7 fiasco would have been easily fixed if it had a swap out battery design.


    The worst contribution by Apple to the world of technology is non swappable batteries for the sake of phones thinner and beautiful.


      Why all other phone makers followed ? Are they brainless? Why lead Apple lead this ? There’s no consortium or United Phone Nation to force others to follow this design.

      I am puzzled.


    Everyone copy Apple’s revolutionary iOS updates. Comes with free bugs which fans love to eat. Don’t worry about battery. Just download the latest iOS update and we will slow your phone until you buy a new iPhone.


      Cheap original battery and again, a sincere move by Apple:…

      * read the letter before you guys make further comments :-p


        Sincere? Hahahaha. You feel so grateful for a small discount after they got caught with their pants down deteriorating performance on purpose? You think they will do that if they did not get trillion dollar class action lawsuit? Kena kencing still enjoying the shower.


          Performance is only throttled if battery is detected subpar or degraded.

          New iPhones 6 or those with good batteries aren’t throttled. I am sure many knows.

          Please don’t also mislead people especially when you disagree with and assume Apple did. Two wrongs won’t make it right.


          Are you suffering from memory loss? You say it assuming everyone know that their poor battery will cause their phone to throttle. It is only after Apple was CAUGHT red handed that they admitted this was the cause. What about those who buy new iPhone because they think their old one is gone and nothing will make it go faster. If Apple told these poor people earlier, many can still hold on to their phone and delay their upgrade.

          Now you telling people to be grateful with Apple sincerity of giving a discount on their expensive battery. You’re disgusting to the core for the sake of worshipping your fruit.


Well, its good practice to occasionally perform a complete discharge/charge of the battery to re-calibrate the battery meter. Otherwise keeping the battery at a 40-80% cycle can prolong battery lifetime significantly and for iphone users, your processor speed.


I usually charge my note 8 up to 90% and only charge it back again when it hit 20% which is a big pain since that only equates to about 5-6 hours of use (my sot usually 5hrs). But that’s why you carry a powerbank in your bag, no?


    5hrs of SOT and still complaining. fuh. what a busy man.


      im getting nearly 8 hours sot daily, but still complaint maa. i thinks its normal though to complaint


      My old motorola z play regularly gets 13sot with a single full battery charge. My note 8 is a huge downgrade in that regard. But then again i get to play all games without any slowdown so that’s a plus?


where are those bias butthurt bodo kambing? walin eh dont see them commenting


    Why are you here? Please go defend your Apple making people pay for the problem they started.


I bought Note 8 from Kuala Lumpur 3 weeks ago, two weeks ago my battery drained completely and I cannot get it charge it for several hours, i was taking it back to samsung store before thst I tried one last to soft reset the phone power and low volume button and suddenly it turned on, from that day onwards I haven’t let my phone drained completely

Mohammad Hafiz

how do we install a software update if the phone couldnt start at all?


    Soya should give you a job and replace those who assume “software problem can be easily fixed via updates”


    Just like asking where are the seatbelts after a car crash.


Glad my 3t works fine


A minute of silence for those Malaysians who shot themselves on the foot when they went out of their way just to get the Snapdragon variant.


How BMW? Big waste money