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Someone just released an “iPhone X” with “Touch ID”

I think the best way to describe the iPhone X‘s design is that it’s a very “in your face” smartphone. It’s unapologetic about its notch, weighty with the stainless steel band and head-turning with its minimal bezels. But the end result pays off because when someone sees an iPhone X, there’s absolutely no mistaking it for any other smartphone.

That is, until now. Now people might mistake that RM5,000 smartphone in your pocket as a Leagoo S9.

I jest, of course, but when you look at these pictures Leagoo sent us, the resemblance is uncanny. If you think it looks like a Chinese knock-off then you’d be partially right. Although a lot of the key visual features are similar — like the notch, curved corners, and vertical camera mounts — you will notice some subtle differences.

Leagoo’s S9, for example, has a chin that’s similar to the Essential Phone or Samsung’s S8, something that the iPhone X doesn’t have. Around back, you’ll also notice that there’s a fingerprint scanner there so I doubt you’ll be getting Face ID which begs the question: Why is the notch so big? Because iPhone X, ladies and gentlemen. Because iPhone X.

Still, the bright side is that we now know what the iPhone X would look like with Touch ID, right?

In any case, this smartphone is a mid-range device at best though details are scarce at this point. The Verge reports that this Android smartphone will feature a MediaTek P40 processor, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Its display is a 5.85-inch AMOLED panel but we don’t know what the resolution is. It also features a pair of 16MP camera sensors at the back.

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This isn’t Leagoo’s first stab at ripping off the flagships of more established smartphone makers. Just earlier this year they launched the KIICAA S8 that was a blatant rip-off of Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

Still, Verge says that it’ll retail for less than USD300 (around RM1,225) so at least it’s cheap. But, if you want the real deal, you can actually pick one up for RM4,779.