The iPhone X is now going for as low as RM4,799 in Malaysia

Posted:  December 7, 2017   By:    12 comments   

iPhone X Malaysia lowest price RM4,799

If you’re looking for the best deal for the iPhone X in Malaysia, we got some good news for you. Last week, some retailers have started offering the iPhone X for less than RM5,000 and now you can get one with further discounts as much as RM400 off. This is the lowest price yet for the latest iPhone.

To recap, the iPhone X is officially priced at RM5,149 for 64GB and RM5,899 for the higher 256GB model. If you don’t want to pay full retail prices, Lazada is now offering the iPhone X 64GB at RM4,799, while the 256GB model can be yours at only RM5,499. That’s a savings of RM350 and RM400 respectively.

Stocks for both Silver and Dark Grey colours are available and these units are fulfilled by Lazada themselves with local manufacturer warranty. For greater assurance, these iPhone X are covered by Lazada’s 14-day Easy Return policy. Shipping is free but if you want to get it faster, you can top up RM7 for express delivery.

If you’re interested, you can check out the iPhone X listing at Lazada.

Thanks Ben DL for the heads up!

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12 Comments for The iPhone X is now going for as low as RM4,799 in Malaysia


wow, ifan no need discount…


People use to tell me iPhone can hold price very well. 1 month so fast drop RM400. Same as Samsung now. Only foolish ones wasted half day leave to buy first day with no discount.

    Super Discount

    Boss, I got the S8+ 5 months after launch for RM1.2k off the original price. Apple cannot beat Samsung no value phones leh.

      be wise

      seriously I don't think ppl will buy directly from Samsung..most ppl will get it outsite..ppl get it from Samsung only during preorder with free gift..hence I think you already get it cheap 400…but regard resell value..for me just the you can get Samsung s8 from 2400-2600 and resell it at around 2000..iphone 7128gb you can get it around 3200-3400 and resell it around it the same?


    Hoi stupid. That is not official Apple price. That discount price in by lazada only. Machines, Etc all selling at normal RM5149.

    The article is not about “losing resale value”. Its about one entity try to start up an attractive sales by giving discount.

    Use your head la next time. Its simple logic. No need brain like Einstein one

Samsung Galaxy Fan

The price cut by the seller. May be they struggling to sell online. Want to clear the stock. Apple still maintaining the same price. But good offer for iphone fan. Are you dare to buy RM5k product online without seeing it. If me, i wont.


    Same as Samsung. Only sellers online sells cheaper than in Samsung retail store. What point are you trying to make?


    "Samsung Galaxy Fan" but defends retailers who discounts iPhone X just less than a month after officially released in Malaysia. lol


    Wake up. It’s 2017, everything’s online. Unless you think rm400 is spare change or you desperately need the phone NOW only you will buy it in store. If want to see phone, drop by apple store to see.

    I bought a 5k drone on 11street without seeing any real product. Just online review.. No problem there


Alah where ifan go no come Proteck ptroteck ??
Mana si itik tu ?


Now usd -> myr = 4.08

If the trend holds for another few months, fair price would be ~ myr 4,200 ?

Lazada already anticipating this maybe?

Samsung Galaxy Fan

Lazada pulled back discounted deal, now iphone X back to RM5149. I told you earlier, apple is always maintaining their price.