MaxisONE Plans are upgraded again with even more data

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MaxisONE Plan upgraded

Maxis has always been considered the most premium telco in Malaysia. While they have upgraded their postpaid plans in the past, other players in the market are getting more competitive by offering more data with some offering unlimited quota for less.

After almost a year since their last revamp, Maxis is finally giving its MaxisONE plans a well deserved update. On top of that, they have also removed a barrier which now enables you to fully utilise your monthly quota freely.

Effective today, all MaxisONE Plans are now getting 10GB extra across the board and it is applicable to existing MaxisONE Plan subscribers. Another good news is they have finally removed the 4G Weekend data split for most of its plans. So if you’re on MaxisONE Plan 128, you’ll be getting 40GB of data which you can use all day whether you’re on 4G or 3G.

Take note that the all-day data is only given by default for MaxisONE Plan 128 and above. If you’re on MaxisONE 98, you’ll be getting 15GB all-day + 15GB 4G weekend (previously 10GB all-day + 10GB 4G weekend). However, you do get the option to upgrade your plan to 30GB for all-day use at an extra RM10/month. So that’s RM108/month in total to enjoy 30GB data at all times.

The supplementary lines on MaxisONE Share remains unchanged. At RM48/month, it still comes with 5GB of data that goes into the SharePool and another 5GB for 4G Weekend use. All MaxisONE plans still come with unlimited calls and SMS to all networks in Malaysia.

Here’s a recap on the upgrade:

MaxisONE 98: 20GB (10GB + 10GB weekend) —> 30GB (15GB + 15GB weekend)
MaxisONE 128: 30GB (15GB + 15GB weekend) —> 40GB all-day
MaxisONE 158: 40GB (20GB + 20GB weekend) —> 50GB all-day
MaxisONE 188: 50GB (25GB + 25GB weekend) —> 60GB all-day

For more info, visit the MaxisONE plan page.

Thanks KevinNgTK for the tip!

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33 Comments for MaxisONE Plans are upgraded again with even more data


its nice…but i really need cheaper prices not more data….


    If the price is like celcom gold plan ,most of the celcom customers will join maxis


i want cheaper price lower than RM98! at least RM78!


    Want cheap, go to cheaper telco. You look silly walking into steakhouse asking for satay stick price.

      P9 User

      Yes agree with you. Wanna cheaper plan? WEBE~


      whatever rock your boat.


      True.. I port out to UMobile few months ago due to their attractive price but end up port it back to Maxis due to their “fantastic” line which super super slow and unstable… cheap or quality?Choose one of it..


    If you want cheaper, have to use prepaid via Hotlink.

    Rm60 for 8 gb all day and unlimited call with 1gb 4G on Saturday and Sunday plus free 1GB bonus hour.

    Overall as good as post paid if you don’t need to sms plus still not 6% GST


    if u royalty to one telco u can get it , i am now paying RM78 for this


Mxrxn to think that it’s a higher class telco. God bless u.


Thank you Maxis. Not bad indeed.
I started with 4GB plan (RM68) Jan 2011
Free upgrade to 8GB (RM68)
Change to 15GB plan (RM98)
Free upgrade to 30GB (RM98)
Free upgrade to 40GB (RM98)


    Mine is even great.

    1) postpaid plan on 2002. Usage more than rm100-200/month

    2) change to iphone plan called ivalue 100 on 2010 – RM 100/month with my iphone 3gs

    3) then on 2013 change to ivalue simple Rm50/month. But following year change back to 100 plan.

    4) try to trick Maxis by NMP On 2015. Offered MOC 128 with rm68. They reduced it to 98 plan after it went on viral. That time 5gb + 5 gb. Then got increase to 10gb +10gb.

    5) still have that heavily rebate 98 (Rm68/month) with 15gb +15gb. They offer me till 10th december whether to combine or not the data with rm10 charge per month. I dont care.

    I dont wanna pay expensive Data anymore. My limit would be rm70. More than that, go die. Maxis should reduce price. Not trying to trick user on making people keep on paying the same expensive price.


doesn't cut it MAXIS!


Still the price not worth it while you can get everything unlimited with Digi i150


    Ya.. but sad to know that Digi inifinite plan cant sign up for any phone… I am currently with my Maxis One Plan 188 with RM1 Huawei P10 for usage when not at home.. and Digi inifinite 150 for router at home..


Only when other telcos put their foot in the fight then will give in…never hope for lower the price but just to get more data when next round of fight started.


    problem is , MCMC regulate the fight , u never get enough "next" , u just wait as always there are never ending new upgrade or new plan within telco

    u wait lah


If it's effective today, I cannot see the additional data reflected in my MYMAXIS apps …. anyone here can confirm the extra 4G data ?


    the enhancement will be from 7th Dec 2017 to 9th Dec 2017, just wait for the notification sms


    My weekend already 15GB


some of my collegues already upgraded leh. mine still not probably due to the lowest package


What Malaysia needs now is a new telco disruptor. (Umobile has good "fighting spirit" but the big disadvantage is their weak network coverage)
Then again who will come over to reinvent the wheels to build up network towers which already being dominated. Ummm…

Xclusive Xperience

I hope we will get another kind of telco that is offering a stable, high speed Internet, vast coverage and offering a postpaid with just RM30 with a truly unlimited data.

By then we will have a healthier competition. End the monopoly and uncompetitive bully on this business.


    There are six mobile operator in Malaysia what cock monopoly you talking about. If just 2 or 3 maybe. We have one of the most telcos for our small population. We need more competition in Home broadband.


    Ppl always whine n complain but never think. Why do you think Maxis has wider coverage compared to UMobile? Because money is spent on increasing that coverage. You think those network gear is cheap?

    Also, you can also thank our great government for increasing spectrum tax. 1 of the reason Maxis network is better compared to others is because Maxis owns the most of the available spectrum. So guess what, Maxis has to pay more to MCMC.

    There will be cry babies saying Maxis network sucks. Well, if you have a bit of brain you'll know it's really hard to blanket the whole Malaysia, so for those ppl who unfortunately falls into those uncovered area, just switch la. Complain what.

    — Rant End —

Badabum maxis user 158

The data is upgraded, but i realised the speed was deducted heavily. Or is it just me.


There are some better prepaid plans you may choose over postpaid. Be a wise consumer. This is even happening in the same telco.

Rocky Tan

There always Quantity vs Quality. see which one suit you. for Work purpose. Maxis always better as traveling to different places. Maxis perform the best vs D vs C vs U (I try all D,C,U at same location)

Worried customer

I just upgraded my plan today from MaxisOne98 to MaxisOne128+Maxis share line , so its 128+48 monthly. I wonder, does the supplementary line (internet speed or the line) will effect my principal line? Im afraid that when both phone are online, it will reduce the internet speed. Can someone answer my question?


    Nope. Im on 128 + 48 + 48. 2 share lines, plus another multi-sim. So basically 4 phones are sharing my datapool. No speed cap and can surf happily. Not sure why you came up with a thought like that. Youre not sharing a same connection.

    Oh and Maxis has the best data network, nuff said. Been using Maxis for 17 years. Tried Celcom and Digi in the past, while celcom has best overall network coverage, their data stability is really questionable. Digi has a data network nearly as good a maxis where they get good signal, but say bye-bye when u are indoors or underground parking lots like offices and shopping complexes.


Still expensive. Check out Digi or U Mobile where unlimited calls start from RM38, 4GB.


For limited time offer in Sabah & Sarawak only, MaxisOne 98 is with all data 30GB. Rebate rm10/monthly for two years