You can get the Galaxy Note FE today and pay nothing until after CNY 2018

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Samsung Galaxy Note FE

Looking for a new Samsung Galaxy Note FE without paying a single sen upfront? Now there’s an even better deal where you can get the device and pay nothing for it for the first 3 months on Maxis Zerolution. This translates to savings of up to RM300.

The Samsung Galaxy Note FE retails for RM2,599 outright and with Maxis Zerolution, you can own a new smartphone with RM0 upfront when you pair it with MaxisONE Plan 128 and above. To make the deal sweeter, Maxis is offering free 3 months waiver. So, if you sign up now, you won’t need to pay anything for the device until end February next year.

The amount you save depends on what plan you’re on. On Zerolution, the Galaxy Note FE costs RM100/month on MaxisONE Plan 128 and it is going for as low as RM70/month with the MaxisONE Plan 188. On the MaxisONE Plan 128, you can save RM300 off and in total, you’ll be effectively paying just RM2,100 (21 months x RM100) for the device itself.

Meanwhile, on the MaxisONE Plan 188, the device would costs you RM1,470 (21 months x RM70) across 24 months. Take note that subscription fees are not included and are charged separately. This promo is valid from now until 15 January 2018.

For more info on the 3 months waiver promo, you can check out Samsung’s Galaxy Note FE Promo page. If you’re thinking of getting the device outright, it is now going from as low as RM2,149 on Lazada and that’s before any vouchers and cashback.

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10 Comments for You can get the Galaxy Note FE today and pay nothing until after CNY 2018


Why on earth is Samsung even going so "low" to sell their phones?
Don't they have any dignity?

    No SENSE

    r u a frickin Apple Sheep? or cnt afford iphone but trying to be apple sheep using old iphone 4? How is this Samsung losing dignity? This is Maxis offer, they are trying to clear stock. U nt familiar w business then shut up do ur job only sheep…


      Samsung and Maxis both got no dignity.
      ur just ranting!


      lu beh song meh???

Xclusive Xperience

There will be always there is some hidden extra charges or requirement behind this promo. This promo is too good to be true.

I can’t completely believe Maxis.


why would I want to be tied to a 24 month contract when I can get the phone for about Rm2100 on the street?

some Internet site also have installment plan lah.

and the saving is less if I signed up rm188 plan?! that’s stupid.


    Some peoples are desperately need new phone (stolen, broken, missing, etc) & can't afford to pay outright. This deal is more suitable for them rather than paying interest to credit company.


      Also some peoples don't have credit card or reaching credit limit.


Hahaha….. Maxia and samsung………? Hahaha.

Jemzkazama enil

Yes bos