ookyo upgrades its high-speed data quota

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ookyo, the hybrid mobile service by Maxis has just upgraded its high-speed internet quota. In case you didn’t know, ookyo offers unlimited internet access for a selection of apps and for other usages, the plan originally came with 3GB high-speed data and 500MB of basic internet.

This afternoon, ookyo has sent out a message informing everyone that the base 3GB data has been upgraded to 4GB. This won’t be reflected immediately and it would take effect in the next billing cycle. The new 4GB high-speed data has been reflected on their website as well.

To recap, ookyo is a subscription-based service, which is like a prepaid with an auto debit billing. For RM30/month, it comes with unlimited usage for WhatsApp, LINE, WeChat and Facebook messenger, and a choice of either Social or Entertainment packs. With their current promo, ookyo wants you to try them out at only RM1 for the first month. You’ll need to sign up using a debit/credit card which will be automatically renewed monthly.

UPDATE: ookyo also introduces a non-auto-renewal option using online banking. There’s a grace period of 50 days after your plan is inactive where you can only receive calls and SMS. If you do not renew your plan in 50 days, your ookyo service will be terminated.

Take note that ookyo only works for Android since its unlimited data feature requires a custom VPN setting. You can learn more over here. If you’re interested to sign up, you can register for a new SIM on ookyo’s website.

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3 Comments for ookyo upgrades its high-speed data quota


Whoever in maxis came up with this product idea must fired and sent back to secondary school


If they give 5gb and also bundle up at least 600 minutes (300 on net, 300 off net) for every successful rm30 package renewal, for sure people will hop in.

Otherwise, it will just be another lousy offerings. Mmm

Calvin Dee Jenuil

Anyone using ookyo could share their experience with it? How’s the battery life with VPN turned on all the time?