Digi’s RM100 unlimited plan is back with 11% off promo on postpaid plans

Posted:  November 11, 2017   By:    12 comments   

Digi’s Infinite 100 plan with unlimited calls and data is back but it’s only available today only in conjunction with their 11.11 sales. On top of that, Digi is also offering 11% off on selected postpaid plans if you sign up via their online store.

To recap, Digi’s Infinite 100 comes with unlimited data that’s capped at 5Mbps and has unlimited calls to all networks. Also included is 300 SMS. If you wish to use it as a hotspot, the Infinite 100 plan comes with 20GB of quota each month and you can add 5GB extra for 30 days at RM10. The plan is available for 24 hours only and Digi is also giving away a RM20 Lazada voucher if you sign up now.

If you want it all, the Infinite 150 plan is still available and it offers unlimited data at full speeds along with unlimited tethering. You also get unlimited calls plus 1,000 SMS to all networks. As a 11.11 offer, Digi is also giving 11% off on the subscription fee over 10 months and a RM40 Lazada voucher.

Their other postpaid plans are also on offer as well. If you subscribe to their Digi Postpaid 50, 80 and 110 plans, you can also enjoy 11% off for the monthly subscription fee over 10 months and they are throwing in a RM20 Lazada voucher. For these 3 plans, the promo will end on 30 November 2017.

For more info, visit Digi’s Postpaid page.

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12 Comments for Digi’s RM100 unlimited plan is back with 11% off promo on postpaid plans


Digi doing a good job.

Others telco please wake-up…


    Well it is normal for other telcos not wake up because they don’t take branding for business sustsinability.. what Malaysian managers know is just numbers and shsreholders delightments, nothing more.


      No wonder their never wake up…

      Choose not too…


    Macam Yes
    All slave lol


    Good job? If they dare then make it permanent then. Stop this silly limited time promotion if they are sincere.


      If others telco willing to do same?


Digi good for town used. Indoor is teribble inside the house. Even worsed if u are in outstation. I already terminate my 150 unlimited plan

Annie yeap

Digi postpaid bill is difficult to understand. Pĺease explain.


so I'm a Postpaid 80 plan subscriber… 10GB all day and 10GB free weekend… if i add the RM5 for 20GB all day data does it mean my internet quota becomes 20GB all day and 10GB weekend? or it's just 20GB all day including weekends?


Digi's going downhill with poor connectivity especially indoors. thinking of switching to other telco since they no longer provide free Capture app storage which is the main reason preventing me from doing so before.

Azman Manap

it means instead of having 10Gb for wkdays and 10Gb for wkends, now you can spread the 20Gb thru out the whole months equally… no more quota for wkdays and wkends… total Gb remains the same at 20Gb… hope that helps.