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TM appears to be offering 30Mbps UniFi at RM139/month

TM UniFI Promo 30Mbps RM139

UPDATE: This TM Bonanza Campaign has been replaced with an RM10/month upgrade offer.

After retracting its RM99 UniFi promo, it looks like TM is introducing a new promo that would definitely put a smile on your face. For a limited time, they are slashing its prices not just for UniFi but also for BB (Streamyx) packages as well.

According to a forum thread, a UniFi customer was about to terminate his account but was counteroffered with a new promo that covers both Fibre and ADSL Broadband. Below are the subscription fees under this promotion:

10Mbps UniFi Lite – RM129 (unchanged)
30Mbps UniFi Advance – RM199 RM139 (Save RM60)
50Mbps UniFi Advance Plus – RM249 RM189 (Save RM60)
100Mbps UniFi Pro – RM329 RM239 (Save RM90)

10Mbps UniFi BIZ – RM199 (unchanged)
30Mbps UniFi BIZ Advance – RM299 RM279 (Save RM20)
30Mbps UniFi BIZ Pro – RM399 RM349 (Save RM50)

1Mbps Broadband – RM110 RM68 (Save RM42)
2Mbps Broadband – RM130 RM83 (Save RM47)
4Mbps Broadband – RM140 RM88 (Save RM52)
8Mbps Broadband – RM160 RM89 (Save RM71)

For UniFi Advance and above, you’ll get a DECT phone plus a HyppTV Set-top-box with a HyppTV pack of your choice. Meanwhile, Broadband (ADSL) subscribers will get a DECT Phone with unlimited calls to all TM fixed lines. Broadband subscribers on 4Mbps plan and above will also get a HyppTV set-top-box.

Similar to the RM99 promo offer we saw earlier, the promo subscription fees are only valid for the first 24 months and it is applicable if you sign up by 31 December 2017. Apparently, these details came from a TMpoint in Kemaman, Terengganu and so far we can’t find this on TM’s official channels.

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What do you think of this new promo? Let us know in the comments below.

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Alexander Wong