Here are Malaysia’s top telcos with the best network according to OpenSignal

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Open Signal Malaysia Mobile State

Mobile data on smartphones are crucial these days and telcos around the world are offering more data to keep up with rising demand. Over the years, the cost of data has come down significantly while telcos have continued with their expansion of their 4G coverage.

So which telco has the best network in the country? If you’re curious, OpenSignal has published its latest findings in its State of Mobile Networks: Malaysia report that’s dated October 2017.

For those who are not familiar, OpenSignal is mobile network analyser and testing app which keeps track of your network’s performance and signal strength. The latest report is based on data measured between 1 June to 31 August this year. There are over a billion measurements obtained from 75,288 test devices throughout Malaysia.

As expected, Maxis comes out on top overall with the highest 4G/3G download speeds and the lowest latency for both 4G and 3G. Coming in at second place is Yes 4G which was awarded for the highest 4G availability and the fastest download speeds overall.

When it comes to 4G, Yes records an incredibly high 93.18% availability followed by Maxis at 80.45%. OpenSignal notes that 4G availability isn’t a representation of geographic or population coverage, but rather how often its users are connected to a 4G network. It is worth mentioning that Yes itself runs on a pure 4G network so if it goes out of coverage, there’s no 3G or 2G network to fall back on. Yes also records the highest overall average download speed of 19.03Mbps and it isn’t surprising since its users are connected only on 4G, while other telcos have samples measured on 3G.

If we look at the rest, Celcom (16.15Mbps) takes 3rd place followed by Digi (11.77Mbps) on 4th and U Mobile (7.2Mbps) at 5th place for 4G downloads. Webe (or now known as UniFi) is ranked the lowest at 6.76Mbps. When it comes to 3G, 2nd place goes to Celcom (2.9Mbps) followed by U Mobile (2.78Mbps) and Digi (2.58Mbps).

In terms of latency (ping) for 4G, webe takes 2nd place (44.4ms), followed by Celcom (47.06ms), Yes (48.15ms) and Digi (55.43ms). In case you missed it, Webe has 3G domestic roaming on Celcom while U Mobile currently has 3G RAN sharing agreement with Maxis until end of this year.

OpenSignal remarked that both Maxis and Yes were performing above the global average while the other telcos are still far behind their national and global rivals. While Maxis is often seen as the most expensive telco in Malaysia, this report confirms yet again that they have the best network in country. They were also leading in last year’s OpenSignal report and this was also confirmed by MCMC’s own network performance exercise conducted last year.

You can read the full OpenSignal report over here.

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27 Comments for Here are Malaysia’s top telcos with the best network according to OpenSignal


Maxis have the best coverage so far but it comes with a price .. not everybody can afford their monthly fees … maybe it's time for other telco to ramp up their coverage by joint venture investment and kick out Maxis from top spot. If not the will always be dominant and consumer will always be the victim.


    Nope, consumers are not a victim, in fact we are the king. Maxis doesn't forced anybody to subscribe for their premium service, you have plenty of choices.


    Some of us cannot afford to lose coverage when we need it when we are going to other place(outside city or town area) and Maxis did the job better than all the other telcos. so Maxis do help a lots when it come to those who traveling a lots or for work purpose.


    "Best" coverage is that a joke. Because even in PJ such urban areas I get frequent switch between coverage and no coverage. How much Maxis paid you, it's alright I'll pay you more when you come to work with me

      Full Signal

      Yes. People will trust you more than open signal and Google.

    Full Signal

    Malaysia got 6 telcos more than other countries and backed by big companies like Axiata, Berjaya, YTL and TM. No excuse why they cannot improve the network since they are rich companies. Now you should realise why cheap cheap plans cannot give good good service.


      It may be correct but don’t forget the head company still have many sub-companies under them.

      So they just choose to wait and see situation until others competitors make a move(cheaper with better offer).


    What you pay for is what you get.

    Long dong

    Who victimised consumer? The one that give you service that works or promise unlimited but moving like snail?


I am celcom user almost 8 yrs, agree it coverage is not as good as maxis. But in sept 2017, the data n call availability had improved after system upgrade.

Looking forward next analysis of the performance evaluation again.


    good info.. really look forward for their next result of analysis next year. planning to switch to Celcom.


Been a smartphone user since 2009 & hooked on with Celcom eversince, never feel been cheated. No spamming sms with auto subscription with ripping off mobile contents. If one is concern with dollars & cents, Celcom is an honest telco provider with satisfactory coverage.

2 cents

just my humble opinion, the landscape of telco business has vastly changed over the past 10 years or so. back then when i had my first phone in secondary school, celcom was THE premium telco with perceived best coverage and others are sort of playing second fiddle to celcom (maybe due to the fact that back then most of us uses prepaid sims and data usage isnt that much of a thing as it is nowadays).

10 years later, now maxis is considered the industrial leader for data speed, coverage and what not, and slowly replaced celcom as the "premium" telco while celcom went from premium price point to affordability.

well imo, as someone who hangs around klang valley, celcom's coverage served me well with minimal out-of-coverage areas. *not sure where am i going with this*

Uncle Lim

All these foul mouth peasants should get a life. Nobody force you to take up premium Maxis plan. If you pay peanut you get monkey. It’s that simple. But oh well of course younpeasant can’t comprehend that hence why you’re at he bottom of the corporate ladder or even the society lol


    Sure or not? You can subscribe to the highest UniFi plan or Mak Cis Home Fibre still when accessing overseas content truly sucks because of their lousy international links. This is Malaysia wor don't put too much expectation. My UM and Mak Cis lines show local server test results close to 100M, but when come to streaming Youtube even 360p or 480p also sometimes keep buffering. How lousy is that?

Ding dong

Maxis invested loads on network? Well they don’t even LTE A network provider!!


    My area outside the Klang Valley so-so only for Mak Cis. It's uncongested because most people can't afford to use them. Not recommended for high bandwidth consumption usage if you're into streaming and heavy downloads. They're trying so hard to protect their outdated assthrow satellite market.

    Long dong

    Maxis has LTE A long time ago. Are you sure your phone can support?

      Ding dong

      On LTE a capable phones and even tried on Yes and digi. Maxis has no LTE a in the country.


How many of you actually feel satisfied with local speed test servers that are hosted within your own telco's network? It's never a good indicator of your web experience because all you're doing is just testing your speed from your end to the telco's content edge server next to its routers? If you want to truly know your real speed always do a speedtest that is roughly located where your favourite website is based. My friends in SG and TH always advise me to do speedtests at reputable sites such as Google Fiber's test page or SpeedofMe which has a closeby server based in Singapore. Never do speedtests with your isps's own hosted server. The results are not good indicators of your line quality in real world usage.


No tunetalk found here


    That’s because TuneTalk doesn’t have its own network. They are an MVNO operating on Celcom’s network.


Is there a study which includes Time as well? Imo it has the potential to outperform the others on latency and download speed. On coverage not so much yet though.

John Battam

I travel internationally very often. I’ve been in Malaysia for the last week using Maxis for the last week. All of my calls back home to Australia were very delayed/laggy in voice call quality. I manually switched networks to Digi and no longer experience this issue. As a test I tried Maxis again…Same problem. I’m using an iPhone 7 and it’s compatible with all the bands in Malaysia. I suggest doing international call tests. It’s clear Maxis don’t have overseas quality calling capabilities.


It's been 12 years, and the only stable internet coverage in my village in Perak have always been Celcom. No 3G nor 4G but stable nonetheless. Maxis? Used for a while, and internet coverage is a pain in the neck. Don't even bother the other Telcos, I might as well turn off my mobile data.

    2 Cents

    Do not judge a internet telco from your end. It might be bad at your area but godlike at other place. it is depends on tower projection and coverage. Just my 2 cents. Celcom might be sucks at other place even town. You never know.


Maxis is the best…you've gotta be kiddin' me! Celcom is the best Telco in Malaysia…my download speed with Celcom is around 65 Mbps…

Shame on you maxis paying for the article!