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McDonald’s rolls out self-service kiosks in Malaysia

McDonald’s self-service kiosks have finally made their appearance in Malaysia, after already being available in other countries prior to the local roll-out.

The new kiosks will basically let you skip the counter and queue together, letting you place your orders with minimal hassle. How this works is you order your Ala Carte meals or Sets and then wait for your number to be called at the collection counter. That simple.

The best part is you can customise your drinks and additional add-ons too (customise your burger, add all the extra cheese you want!), so it’s not too different from ordering from the counter, just minus the queue and potential social awkwardness.

As for now, the service only accepts credit and debit cards. It also works with Samsung Pay and it’s really quick, with the receipt coming out in seconds.

However, the system does only come in two language options, Bahasa Melayu and English, so if you cannot speak or read either, you’re right out of luck.

So far, we’ve only discovered a kiosk in the McDonalds in Bukit Bintang (and we’ve been informed the system is also available at the Telawi Bangsar McD), but we’re sure that other outlets will receive the system eventually.

You can take a closer look at the system below:

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