Maxis offers unlimited data for fixed broadband and mobile for your whole family

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MaxisONE Prime Family

With Malaysian families getting more connected than ever, Maxis has introduced an interesting new product that provides unlimited data for the entire household. With MaxisONE Prime, you can get a fixed fibre broadband plus mobile postpaid line which gives you unlimited calls, SMS and data which can be extended to 4 family members. 

Maxis wants to be your end to end internet provider for both your home and while on the go. For its fixed home broadband which ranges from 30Mbps to 100Mbps, MaxisONE Prime users will get an additional 4G backup for seamless connectivity.  So if your Fibre service goes down, the router has a built-in 4G modem which will continue to provide your home with unlimited high-speed broadband with zero downtime. To ensure that your home broadband works with optimal performance, MaxisONE Prime customers will get free setup by the Maxperts team.

The MaxisONE Prime costs from RM367/month which comes with 30Mbps fibre and a single mobile line that provides you with unlimited calls, SMS and data. If you do the math, the RM367/month subscription fee is equivalent to subscribing a MaxisONE Home 30Mbps (RM179/month) broadband with a MaxisONE 188 Postpaid (RM188/month).

If you need more speed for your home broadband, upgrading to 50Mbps would cost you RM40/month extra (RM407) while 100Mbps costs RM120/month extra (RM487). Each supplementary mobile line costs RM48/month, which is similar to its current MaxisONE Share. Each supplementary line user will also get to enjoy the same unlimited calls, SMS and data perks as the main line.

When we asked about their Fair Usage Policy, Maxis reveals there’s one with 300GB per month but they do not impose any hard throttling on their MaxisONE Prime customers. If there’s data congestion on 4G, Maxis says that speeds would be reduced slightly (3-4Mbps) and it is still fast enough to provide standard definition video streaming. We are told that this slowdown would usually last for a few minutes, so it shouldn’t cause much impact to most customers.

On top of that, Maxis is also making it easier for families to get the latest smartphones and home lifestyle appliances. Maxis will be offering TVs, soundbars, Sony PlayStation and more with zero upfront and zero interest. For more info, visit their MaxisONE Prime page.

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41 Comments for Maxis offers unlimited data for fixed broadband and mobile for your whole family


Overall is the same things with added combination change name…


so is like I sign up separate packages… there is no savings. .. meh…


    Erm, this package have no benefits for single user.

    But for me, I have 3 siblings and parents, and I'm already a maxis home 30mbps user, this deal is a huge discount.

    If I purchase 5 lines, which is unlimited, I'm just paying RM76 / line, all my sibling can enjoy unlimited, and pay less than what they are already paying currently for limited data.


Nuts? Can get better price if buy separately…what these guys thinking?


    True but if buy separately, customers won’t get the benefit of unlimited mobile data


Most people do not need maxis fibre internet. When will maxis introduce stand-alone unlimited mobile plan?

Aniki Tan

wow, i thought digi RM150 can reach over 100Mbps but no need pay steep price and waiting for installation (and depends on availability)? RM487 / RM150 can get one home broadband plus 2 mobile lines with everything unlimited (of cos 1000 SMS)~


    Thailand 100M+ fiber fixed lines today on average costs only around 800baht to 900baht. If you're lucky 100M lines during promotion like the one at 3BB go as low as only 700baht.TM still selling 30Mbps for close to RM200?Malaysians really being ripped off.Their IPTv even more interesting, for aorund 150baht(RM20) can get very interesting channels like Nat Geo HD/Wild/Discovery, AniPlus, Celestial HD and Warner already. We paying close to RM100 for Astro rubbish channels.


      dumbno (the blue/red shirt guy): u tak suka malaysia, move to thailand la..


the mobile line is ALWAYS-ON inside the modem?

if fiber line is blasting thru WIFI to users using router, what is the function of the mobile line then? dummy line worth RM188/mo?


    The 4G Backup SIM only kicks in when the Fibre internet is down. You're not paying RM188 for a backup SIM. MaxisONE Prime is a combination of a fixed broadband and a mobile postpaid line.

    To make it easier to understand, this plan gives you:
    1) Home fibre broadband with a backup 4G SIM
    2) A mobile postpaid SIM that you use on a smartphone for unlimited calls/SMS/data.


      meaning physically, there are 2 SIM cards: 1 inside modem (backup), another 1 is for smartphone.

      basically the mobile line is multi-sim?


        Yeah, but the one inside the modem is not meant to be removable. The mobile line is a standard SIM card that you use in the smartphone. You can apply for extra lines at RM48/month which also gives you unlimited calls/sms/voice.


          yes, that's what i thought.


          What happen if we remove the sim card & put in in mobile phone?


          If not allowed to use the SIM which is inside the fixed modem, then the catch is we're still paying in full for a fixed line and a mobile family plan(RM188) combined. The value is actually less for the consumer. Meaning the person who came out with this idea is a bad strategist.


          From their TnC:
          You are strictly not allowed to remove the Maxis Equipment (including any SIM Card) from the RGW without Maxis’ written permission. Warranty may void and service may be barred if SIM Card is removed.


          Hi soya, could you find out answer for us, how much data is available for tethering purpose for that mobile line, and any additional mobile line?


          No limit on tethering. You can hotspot as much as you want like other MaxisONE plans.


          As a person with multiple digi infinite RM150 plan, if I understand correctly, I can actually sign up the fibre plan, additional 3 mobile line, and inserted the 3 mobile line into 4G capable modem to provide unlimited data in 4 different location, am I right?


          If I really sign up for all the mobile line, meaning, I will be able to have 6 unlimited broadband plan at 6 different location, using 5 different 4g capable modem at the price of RM559?


          Better get a home fixed line + either DiGi Infinite100/UM78/Webe. Get an extra prepaid for backup. If you are really desperate to tether in case of your fixed line down, pay RM8/day until your line resumes again? That way you don't even need to spend RM250 every month. Those who want unlimited mobile plans but don't intend to tether or have fixed lines, UM P78 or Webe will be good enough.


          This plan is good for family owner / SME biz owner who has huge commitment to pay for monthly broadband. I can use this plan for my home broadband, office broadband, warehouse broadband, my parents broadband, in law broadband. I only need to spend money getting 4g capable modem which come with rj45 and place all the mobile sim card into it, effectively setting up 5 different location with broadband access.


      Hi soyacincau,
      Is it true the mobile data is really unlimited? Their FUP stated combined data limit is 300gb. MaxisONE 188 is 50gb. So, the MaxisONE Home 30Mbps is 250gb, mana cukup…
      One more question, if my area don’t have fiber coverage can I still apply it? 4G coverage sure have.


        It’s unlimited for both mobile and fixed broadband. 300GB is their set FUP and as written there’s no hard throttling where it goes down to 64kbps. Only if the area you’re in is having data congestion, speeds might go down to 3-4Mbps for a couple of minutes if you’ve exceeded 300GB. You must get both fixed fibre broadband and the postpaid line.


Data hungry consumers are advanced, active users. Maxis Broadband blocks VPN. That itself is a non- starter, no matter how price or packaging are done.

Advanced, active consumers don’t mind mixing, matching best of breed providers. When one thinks of supreme quality/speed Broadband, TIME is first choice. By far. Where available.


    exactly. basically maxis want to "pao" the whole household with their services, fixed and mobile.

    good for those want all-in-one packages. but pricing is quite steep. you also need to +RM48 per mobile line, which defeat the purpose of "whole family" proposition.


    exactly. basically maxis want to "pao" the whole household with their services, fixed and mobile.


      No free cable TV in the bundle and still asking to pay close to RM500? Mad tyranical Malaysian telcos. ASTRO is way overpriced. With superfast lines now in Thailand, you can get cable IPTV add-on for less then RM20(90baht) with full local channels in HD, Discovery/Nat GEO HD. Our ASTRO Family Basic got what? Most channels are rubbish. Looks like Malaysians will always be kept duumb for political reasons.Do we have future?


        Bla bla bla, always compared with Thai. Why not if you just move to Thai then? Astro is not a necessity by the way. It's your choice to subscribe or not, we don't get forced to fill Ananda's big pocket.


          It’s a valid comparison. Why other countries can do it and Malaysia can’t? Malaysia boleh kan?
          Come on. We need to keep asking this type of question to keep ourselves competitive in this fast moving world.


          Not only Thailand, most SG, Indonesian and even Myanmar homes now have pay TV because they're priced very affordable. Somewhere like under RM20 can get lots of descent channels already.


          If gomen is serious in improving rakyat's quality of life and knowledge, don't la force them to watch school choir singing political party anthem on national TV.Make educational channels access such as Nat Geo HD, Discovery and Animal Planet affordable to majority. If pay TV is lower than RM20 a month sure many families will subscribe for their children. Why is ASTRO/HyppTV so expensive? Basic plan also cost over RM45 minus tax summore all crap nonsense channels.Not just Thailand, most Singaporean, Myanmar and Indonesian family homes now also have descent pay tv subscriptions because they're affordable.


Madness to spend close to RM500 for a broadband solution like this for Malaysians.When 100-150Mbps fibre internet at our neighbor country such as Thailand is now going for under 900-800baht(below RM100) per month. Internet access is really becoming a luxury for this increasingly extremist country.


    dumbno (the blue/red shirt guy): u tak suka malaysia, move to thailand la… lapsap ^.^


Not appealing at all….


I have TWO phone lines and one main internet line at 50mbps for the same price….from Maxis and TM…i rest my case…


The same thing offered by Maxis Now by rebranding its names. If maxis wish to make a different, offer special price for mobile such as RM100 and RM150 for home. So, the maxis one prime customer can just pay RM250/Month.

Aniki Tan

Actually we don't compare the speed/price from Thailand/Singapore, if you got chance go to advance country like South Korea you will know what i mean, there internet is fast but the data package is very very expensive as compare to SEA countries. Actually over the 5 years, Malaysia broadband pricing is going more and more competitive and the consumer is always the winner~ But to be frank, Maxis should come out something to compete with Digi Infinite or U Mobile P78 or Webe Mobile, not to introduce 2 line with 100Mbps at RM487/month, Digi 4G+ can easily exceeded that at RM150/month


    The reason is because fixed fibre access is relatively cheap and widely covered in those countries. High quota mobile data plans are low in demand because everywhere you go you have superfast Wi-Fi access for backup. All the countries you mention SKorea, SG and TH, they all have this LTE-U standard that aggregates 5GHz non licensed bands with 4G+ networks that produce gigabit speeds. To add value their fixed lines also come with free public Wi-Fi access accounts.

smart user

stupid mahal gak…boikot