Nokia 8 review: Hype is the least of its problems

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This is not a jaw-dropping phone that will shock the world.

If you were one of the people who thought that when Nokia launches its first flagship Android smartphone, they would remind the world why they were the best all those years ago. That they would spank the likes of Samsung and Apple, then I’d hate to be the one to break it to you but the Nokia 8 is not that phone.

Instead, the Nokia 8 is quite the opposite of a flashy flagship.

Don’t get me wrong, there is strength in just being a no-nonsense good smartphone. Phones like these tend to be reliable devices that you can count on to get the fundamentals right. However, after the two weeks I spent with Nokia’s brand new flagship smartphone, I don’t think Nokia even got “reliable” right yet.

The Good

+ Slick stock Android
+ Great build
+ Great price

The Bad

– Below average battery life
– Awful camera app
– No stereo speakers

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6 Comments for Nokia 8 review: Hype is the least of its problems


I am considering to get a Stock Android smartphone – with advantage of getting speedy firmware update.
Three phones in my list; and they are Xiaomi A1, Nokia 8 and Moto Z (added lately after knowing the RM1,000 trade-in discount) .

My first choice is Nokia 8, but concerns on the price which is more than RM2,000.

Second choice is Xiaomi A1, but I am not Mi fans, but price is acceptable and reputation is there. Just has the concern on how reliable on firmware update handle by Google.

Last is Moto Z, older model in late 2016 and still pricey even after RM1,000 discount. Expecting Nougat out of the box but cannot confirm and no words from DirectD. Also, DirectD cannot comment on Oreo to be available for Moto Z; but I see from support, both Nougat is released and Oreo is in plan. Spec wise is good and better than my current A9 Pro.

Out of these three, may I ask your comments and recommendations?



    I bought a Nokia 3 few weeks back. Sad to say it was broken within 1 week. The phone could not charge. Went to service centre in JB, they said sub board problem, needs to be changed, but need to wait for 1 week. I couldnt wait as I need to go back to KL. Hence I bought it back to KL. Went to the service centre in KL, they said no problem, so they didnt fix anything. I made a fuss about it. Then only they were willing to change.
    Its been 1 week now, no far no issue (praying it would not give any more issues).

    Conclusion: HMD is not the good old nokia, and poor after sales service. Better to avoid nokia and go for something else.

    Afieq Mustaqim

    May i suggest getting the OnePlus3T or the OnePlus 5? Both have great cameras, specs, and battery life. I too use the OnePlus 3. Great phone, solid build quality. The UI is almost stock but with extra customization. OxygenOS flows like water on top of Android 7.1.1. Even OnePlus ceo promise us to have Android O before the end of the year.

    The Dude

    For a stock android phone, consider looking to the old Nexus 5x. Still a solid phone after 2 years and just got its Oreo update last month.


I own the Nokia 8 and honestly speaking, its battery life impresses me. I came from a Nexus 6P that requires two charges in a day: it barely lasts through my morning commute. With the Nokia 8, I only require a recharge around late evening or even later, like before going to bed.

But I agree with the poorly created camera app – Nokia is one of the companies at the forefront of imaging hardware, but in terms of software they need to step it up.


An overly critical review. The camera is not that bad, really, but it takes some time to get used to it. You can, for instance, adjust the opening and other specs. Neither the battery is that bad; I got also a S8 to my wife, and at the end of our days Nokia 8's battery is always the winner. Weŕe both came from apple stuff, and we got truly impressed as how much time without charging the Nokia needed in comparison with our rotten apples.
Of course, the charging also was very fast.

The building is quite good, indeed, the feel of the body, the metal, the sturdiness. Feels premium and classy. Scandinavian design, minimalist – not something everyone has the eye to catch.

Benchmarks good, surpassing or matching the Galaxy S8.

The sound is a smartphone's sound. No miracle here. But the speakers sounds loud, and the definition is good as it can gets; the earbuds are pretty decent, with good definition and clarity, but also good bass. Definitively not the usual middle-saturated commonly found.

The real trouble I got – and here I would agree with your remarks regarding reliability – was with the SMS app, which wasn't receiving all the messages. I got very upset about it. After some research, I discovered the bug was detected also in the Google Pixels, and was Google's fault, Nokia/HMD having nothing to do with it. I therefore un-installed the Google app, and installed Pulse instead, and not its working properly.
I also missed some of the Samsung options for customization, felling that not all is "bloatware".

Many of the topics discussed are quite subjective, indeed. But by numbers, benchmarks, and etc, the Nokia 8 nails it. Iḿ not disappointed at all.