Another Apple Store could be opening in South East Asia

Posted:  September 27, 2017   By:    26 comments   

Apple is continuously growing its retail presence in South East Asia. After the opening of its Apple Store on Orchard Road in Singapore, it looks like they are opening another one in our region very soon.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple has posted job ads for retail store positions in Bangkok. This is an indication that a new Apple Store might be opening in the capital of Thailand.

9to5mac had pointed out that recruitment is usually done at a later stage but so far there’s no news of a new store opening or its possible location. There’s a possibility that Apple could be hiring their own staff to man a number of store-within-a-store setups at large retailers. There are currently about 100 authorised Apple reseller outlets throughout Bangkok.

UPDATE: Bloomberg had reported earlier in July that an Apple Store is expected to open in Bangkok at Iconsiam by 2018. It is expected to be the largest in South East Asia with a minimum floorspace of 2000 square metres. In addition, there will be another branch possibly located at CentralWorld, Central Embassy, or Siam Paragon.

During the recent keynote, it was announced that Apple Stores in key cities are being transformed into town squares where it becomes a gathering place for the local community. Apart from showcasing their latest products, there will be open spaces to hold events, workshops and much more.


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26 Comments for Another Apple Store could be opening in South East Asia


singapore…thailand….y not malaysia…


    That can see if Malaysia market are important to Apple. Sadly, people still love them.


      There must be some reasons. Cannot be due to buyers have been drinking their talisman water, under their spells or kena pukau right ?


      Malaysian's love oppo and vivo….


    You can say thank you to our RM.


    Apple users in Malaysia are different. Have to apply permit for place of worship.

    Island Loner

    Does it make a difference if you buy Apple product from Apple store or from authorised reseller?


Apple should be investigated for sell product with cheap production but sell in high price….only dumb people buy apple. Iphone magnetic field is very hazard


    Only dumb people spend a lot for a phone that can be supported for almost 4 years with good resell value. Clever people buy android phone for a high price and end up forgotten in less than 2 years time.


      Smartphone is a depreciated asset. If you only think of resell value when owning an iPhone, then I recommend you to keep the phone in the box for 4 years, that's the clever way an iTard can do to preserve their toy's value.


        Smartphone is definitely not an asset, but it’s increasingly being used to manage your asset !

        A reliable and secure unit is important now otherwise not only losing asset and money, but our face too (if you shoot and keep highly sought after selfies).


    cheap production doesnt equal to selling price, a clever one always know the the price inclusive of R&D efforts, marketing, packaging, etc

      Jamal Yunus

      Smarter than you one will know every mobile manufacturer have its own software and hardware cost, research development, advertising, marketing, production cost less turnover will get net earnings

    Apple shareholder

    Smart people buy android and balance of the money put into apple shares and make isheep work for them.

    Now that’s how smart people work.

    Terima kasih apple isheep. Anda telah menambah wang saya.


They choose Bangkok due to it's the most visited CIty in the World by tourist .. so no doubt they should invest to open a store over there compare to Malaysia..nothing to do with RM or Economy.. cause thailand also not in good condition ..


malaysian gomen sudah pokai!
big league companies won't come.
even F1 also discontinued!!!!!
blame the PM.


WSJ: the TrueDepth camera on the iPhone X is causing the low supply issues, confirm face ID failed on stage is due to immature technology not excuse by them that many users used, still Apple followers din admit, what a failure mind, period


    Why the worry even if they admit it or not ? If it really fails, let both Apple and its buyers fail big time and suffer.

    Similar to their MacBook Air. No removable battery , no DVD drives. See how it has failed ? No one wants such design till now right ?


Malaysia cannot lah, imagine how much the operations cost if let say open a store like in the picture near pavillion? The post of 'Store Leader' salary in the orchard apple store maybe more than a manager in Malaysia. Most of the customers goes into those machine store without buying things as like a rm80 "oem cable" sold in the shop sounds quite expensive to us. Some of us even scared to go into the machines store after seeing the "canggih" decorations of the store and prefer more comfortablely buying the rm10 casing at pasar malam.


    Your RM10 pasar malam cable will explode or fail more often in your hand. Malaysians prefer quantity over quality. Apple products are high quality.


      Apple original iPhone cable is the most durable in the world. Everyone knows that. I see my friends love it so much they keep buying it.


        Apple phone not only world class standard, even people from Mars come to earth to buy Apple products, including Apple accessories, not only cable, Apple is of universal standard, even aliens know that


Sumsomg dominates Malaysia market


#sarcasm #comeback

katak just wont understand such simple thing ' you get what you pay for'


    Joke of the day!
    1.4 years with good resell value, ip one years battery already die, unless you just use to make call and nothing else
    2.You get what you paid: 5k for ip7+ is a joke, not real multi task, short battery life, snail charge, restricted usage…..
    Smart users not think like those jokers, whom keep worship their brand


kesian i like to see those comments from kataks, thinking they're more wise