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Can we please take a moment to appreciate the amazing stage at the Note8 launch?

The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is an impressive device with a lot of the features we think fans of the Note series really want in a handset. However, as exciting as the smartphone was, the thing that really made my jaw drop was the stage.

If you didn’t catch the official launch, you should, because as far as tech launches go, this was definitely one of my favourites and a lot of it had to do with that visually stunning stage. Instead of the usual stage + screen combo that we’re so used to seeing in every single product launch, Samsung opted for what I can best describe as a 3-sided open cube.

Then, instead of just projecting on the two sides that were upright, Samsung utilised all three faces of the cube as a surface for some truly gorgeous 3D projection mapping.

But that’s not all. While it was a visual treat for the attendees, Samsung’s stage also took into account the audience who would be streaming live from all around the world.

Despite the fact that the main live stream camera is mounted at about a 45-degree angle to the base of the stage, all the projections had the right proportions when viewed through that camera.

The effect this gave was truly impressive because it made it look like everything was the screen — albeit a really oddly shaped screen. For all of Samsung’s talk about “infinity” displays, I have yet to see their presentations (or ads) really encapsulate this infinity feeling…until now, and that, I think, impressed me the most.

But beyond fancy projection mapping and stunning visuals, there was one other part about the Note8’s launched that I really liked. And that’s when Samsung kicked everything off with a rather emotional and honest bit acknowledging their massive mistake with last year’s Note7.

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For all the explosion jokes that everyone has been making around the world, it didn’t cease to impress me how well Samsung took it all. Their explanation/apology felt sincere at the time and this launch further proved that they don’t want to bury that incident in the deepest, darkest corner of the world. They’re embracing their mistake and I think that’s a pretty good way to regain customer confidence.

They’ve certainly regained mine.

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