Celcom lets you roam overseas from RM4.99/day

Celcom Xpax RM4.99 data roaming promo

If you’re traveling overseas, Celcom is offering a data roaming promo that’s applicable for both postpaid and prepaid. Originally costing RM38/day, you can stay connected for only RM4.99/day at 6 selected countries.

This JustGo roaming offer is available from 17 August until 16 November 2017. It is applicable in Nepal, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Singapore. Subscription is activated automatically and you’ll be charged RM4.99 the moment you use more than 100KB. According to Celcom, there will be no charge if you use less than 100KB, which is a good safety net if you accidentally switched on roaming for a few seconds.

However, data will only work if you connect to a partner telco overseas. So once you’ve reached your destination, you are urged to manually select the telcos as listed below. If you are connected to a non-partner, data will be disabled but you are still able to make calls and SMS at roaming rates.

The 1-Day internet pass comes with 500MB of high-speed internet and if you exceed that, you can still continue to surf but at slower throttled speeds. According to Celcom, their roaming pass follows Malaysian time, so if you don’t plan to renew for the next day, you should switch off roaming before 11:59PM Malaysian time. If you need more high-speed quota, additional 100MB is going for RM10. For the full details, you can check out the T&C for both Celcom and Xpax Prepaid.

If you’re on Xpax, here’s a long term option where you can get connected for a week at RM9. With the Asia Pass, you get 1GB of data + 1GB of YouTube, up to 250 minutes of IDD calls and 100 minutes for local call. This Asia Pass covers a total of 9 countries namely Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, India, Vietnam and China.

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For more info, visit Xpax’s Asia Pass page.

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