Planning to buy the DJI Spark? Read this first

Getting the best flying experience

3. Use a tablet instead of a smartphone to frame your shots

Sometimes bigger is better and in this case, using a bigger screen will definitely result in a more satisfying flying experience. A smartphone’s great and all, but the tiny screen makes it a little challenging to keep an eye on all your HUD elements and frame your shot properly at the same time.

Yes, we know the controller for the Spark is only designed for smartphones that are up to 180mm in length and 8.5mm in thickness, but you can get a tablet mount for the controller too. This extends the grip’s capability and lets you mount tablets instead.

For us, we use an Apple iPad Pro 9.7″ because of its excellent Retina display and great outdoor visibility. It’s a nice size that it isn’t too big that it becomes unwieldy but still gives you a much larger display than your typical 5.5″ smartphone. What’s more, it also has a much longer battery life than your smartphone and using a tablet means you won’t have to drain your handset’s battery either.

Of course, we understand that buying an iPad Pro just to fly your DJI Spark is a little ridiculous, but honestly, any compatible tablet that you have will work about just as well. If the tablet doesn’t have great outdoor visibility, you can pick up a monitor hood to help with that.

4. Use a cable for a more stable connection

Nothing kills the mood more than a spotty connection. On the Spark, you’re pretty much encouraged to connect your smartphone to the controller via WiFi. Although that eliminates the need for cables, we found that a connection like that is far from reliable.

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That’s why we hook up our phones/tablets to the remote with a cable. This gives us the most stable connection so far, with disconnections being limited to just the drone and the controller.

If you want to do this, you should know that you will need a micro USB OTG adapter/cable because the only port on the Spark’s controller is a microUSB one.

In our experience, the DJI Go 4 application is more stable and runs into fewer problems on iOS devices so if you have an iOS device, we’d recommend using that to fly your drone instead.

5. Frequent travellers might want to invest in a proper carrying case

With its diminutive size, the DJI Spark is a traveller’s dream aerial videography tool. However, we would still recommend getting a proper hard case to keep your drone (and all of its accessories) safe and out of harm’s way. Sure, the drone is small and designed to be pocketable, but when you leave it tumbling around in your backpack, it’s a lot more vulnerable to damage.

Most hard cases come with neat cutouts for your drone and all of its accessories so it’s a really easy way to keep things organised too. Having a pocket for each piece of gear makes it easy to keep track of everything and make sure you don’t forget anything when you travel.

Besides that, you can also take things a step further and pick up a transport clip which will help prevent your controller’s thumb sticks from getting damaged by holding it in place.

The bottom line

The Spark is a great drone for beginners because of its affordable price and easy controls. However, if you really want to make the most of your drone, you’re going to have to invest a little more. If you’re on a really tight budget, we recommend that, at least, you pick up the Spark with Fly More combo because the kit you get with it is worth the premium.

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