Digi enables 4G in rural areas with its 900MHz spectrum rollout

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Digi 4G LTE 900MHz Update Malaysia

Beginning this month, Digi has started rolling out more 4G coverage with its newly acquired 900MHz spectrum. As the network continues to expand, Digi currently claims to have 86% nationwide population coverage with 4G LTE.

At the moment, Digi’s 4G LTE coverage covers 295 cities and towns across Malaysia. When it comes to downloads, Digi promises a consistent speed of at least 10Mbps for 80% of the time on their 4G network.

For faster speeds, Digi has also increased its LTE-A footprint to cover 45% of the population and it is now available across 80 cities and towns in Malaysia. With 4G LTE-A (also known as 4G+) you can expect at least 20Mbps connectivity 80% of the time provided you have a supported device.

With the 900MHz spectrum, Digi is focused on increasing their reach in rural areas. In just 3 weeks, Digi’s 900MHz coverage now covers 15% of the population which includes 51 cities and towns throughout Malaysia. Apart from having a wider footprint compared to typical 1800MHz and 2600MHz towers, 900MHz is also better for indoor 4G experience as it penetrates walls better due to its lower frequency.

For the Central Klang Valley area, Digi has updated that they currently have 97% 4G LTE coverage. This is also their highest concentration of 4G LTE-A footprint with a claimed 79% population coverage.

In conjunction with today’s media event, Digi has also brought the members of the media for an MRT Underground challenge. Working together with their technology partner, Digi has full 4G connectivity throughout all underground stations in the second phase of the Sungai Buloh-Kajang MRT line. Unlike current underground LRT stations, you can expect seamless 4G experience at all times while travelling on the MRT. We’ve conducted our own tests with the big 4 telcos, so stay tuned for our findings very soon.

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8 Comments for Digi enables 4G in rural areas with its 900MHz spectrum rollout

orang biasa

Waiting SC testing result.
I’m now get 4G+ with their promised speed when perform speed test at Penang island.


Digi 4g+ Only 2CA is it? Not 3ca or 4CA right?


    Only 2 CA (1800mhz +2600mhz) as for now.


Hi SC, can share the clearer image for 900mhz coverage?
Cannot check where the exact location via ur current image resolution.
Digi did not provide such info at digi web also.


Hope all the carrier can share their spectrum to benefits all users be it indoor, outdoor, jungles, caves etc.


Looks promising but sometimes one need check indoor n outdoor,
Not rurual areas, new development area with digi tower ask since last year cannot answer. They replied olmynarea got 4g but when i replied asking if indoor to confirm got 4g, no feedback. tower like 2km away.


its still not all using 900mhz yet,but i can see certain area in my place has better coverage n lte a coverage which previously not.

mohd ezuan bin manan