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Finally, you can send ANY file through WhatsApp

Finally, the update many of us have been waiting for is finally rolling out on the insanely popular instant messaging application WhatsApp. In its latest version, users can now send practically ANY file to chats! You can also do some neat stuff with text formatting too.

A while back, WhatsApp released a new feature that allowed users to share basic document files (.doc, .txt, .ppt, etc.) through the application. Today, they’re expanding that to allow users to send any kind of file, even zips and APK files. You can also send high-resolution image files with this update too so you won’t be at the mercy of WhatsApp’s horrible image compression.

You can attach and send these new files by simply hitting the paper clip icon and selecting “documents”. Then, browse to where your file is, select it and send it. Keep in mind these files are limited to a file size of 100MB on the Android app and 128MB on iOS.

Although this feature will probably bring more good than harm, it is worth noting that it is now a lot easier for people to send malicious programs through this instant messaging app. However, the general rule for suspicious files still applies: If it’s a file you don’t recognise from someone you don’t know, don’t click download. Double check with the sender first in the event his/her account was spoofed. And just be careful.

If you enjoy using WhatsApp’s camera app, there’s good news because they’re making it easier for you to attach photos from your gallery too. Just swipe up in the camera app and you can access your entire gallery.

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What’s more, WhatsApp is simplifying text formatting in chats. Rather than having to remember that two underscores will format your text in italics, you can now touch and hold on the word you want to format to bring up a text-formatting menu. On some phones, depending on your screen resolution scaling, you may need to expand the initial menu (by tapping on the three dots) to view all your text formatting options.

WhatsApp also indicates that they’ve made design improvements for voice and video calls.

This update should already be rolling out to all devices so be sure to check for WhatsApp updates in your desired app stores. You can download WhatsApp on iOS and Android.