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OnePlus 5 scores as high as the Huawei P10 on DxOMark Mobile

OnePlus 5 DxOMark Scores

OnePlus aims to step up its photography game with the OnePlus 5 and they have partnered with DxO for assistance in camera optimisation. Surprisingly, during its official launch, there was no mention of such partnership which by right it should be a big deal if they want to shout about photography.

That’s quite a contrast compared to HTC as they have boasted having the highest score on DxOMark Mobile during its HTC U11 unveiling. Finally, after several weeks after its launch, DxoMark has finally released its evaluation for the OnePlus 5 with a score of 87. That puts in on par with the Huawei P10, Sony Xperia XZ and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+.

According to DxOMark, the OnePlus 5 does well in white balance, colours, detail preservation with fast and smooth auto focus. However, it suffers in having loss of details in harsh outdoor conditions while losing the finer details in low light.

For videos, DxoMark says it has good white balance and exposure while maintaining good stabilisation in all lighting conditions. They added that there is a noticeable loss of low-contrast details plus visible luminance and chromatic noise in low light. Looking at the samples below, it is obvious that the lack of OIS has affected clarity when the OnePlus 5 is used handheld without a tripod.


Indoor Handheld


You can check out the full report from DxOMark here. What do you think of OnePlus 5’s score of 87? Is it justified? Let us know in the comments below.

For reference, below is the list of DxOMark Mobile scores from 80 and above:

Alexander Wong