Refurbished Galaxy Note7 is going on sale as the Fan Edition |

Refurbished Galaxy Note7 is going on sale as the Fan Edition

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Samsung Galaxy Note FE refurbished

UPDATE: Samsung Galaxy Note FE is now official using unopened Galaxy Note7 units with unused parts.

As Samsung is preparing to launch its new Galaxy Note8, the Korean smartphone maker is also releasing an alternative version that also comes with a productive S Pen.

After recalling the Galaxy Note7 and offering full refunds last year, Samsung is about to release refurbished units that are now deemed safe to use. From the looks of it, the new refurbished model will be called the Galaxy FE and it could be going on sale on 7th July with pre-orders to start a day earlier.

The image above was spotted on LG U+’s Facebook page and they are a telco in South Korea. Apparently the FE in the name stands for Fan Edition and it lacks any numbering like other models in the Galaxy Note series. Unfortunately, the Facebook post was pulled down and it isn’t clear if there would be further delays for the release.

In terms of specs, the Galaxy Note FE is expected to carry the same hardware as the original a Galaxy Note7 but it will come with a smaller battery capacity at 3,200mAh instead of 3,500mAh. The display is still a 5.7” Super AMOLED unit with dual curve edges that pushes QuadHD resolution. Under the hood it runs on an Exynos 8890 processor with 4GB RAM along with 64GB of expandable storage.

The cameras are identical with the Galaxy S7/S7 edge with a 12MP f/1.7 main camera and a front facing 5MP selfie unit. It still has a home button with an embedded fingerprint scanner in front plus additional sensors for Iris recognition.

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It looks like Samsung Galaxy FE will be released first in their home market in South Korea before it becomes available in other countries. Based on the current Galaxy S8 pricing, the next Note8 is expected to be even pricier and the new Note FE could be positioned as a budget friendly alternative. The Galaxy Note5 from 2 years ago is still on sale in Malaysia and the 64GB model is currently priced officially at RM2,399. How much do you think the Galaxy Note FE would be selling for if it comes to Malaysia? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: The Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition (FE) will officially roll out in South Korea on 7th July 2017. According to Samsung, they are using unopened Galaxy Note7 units with unused parts. The FE is introduced as an eco-friendly project to minimise waste by using unused parts from the Note7.

The battery is a 3,200mAh unit with multiple safety design that passes their rigorous 8 point safety check test. On the software, it has been updated to the latest version and it also features Bixby assistant that was first introduced with the Galaxy S8/S8+. There’s no dedicated Bixby button at the sides while the back comes with a Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition written on it. For now, Samsung is releasing just 400,000 units for South Korea at 699,600 Won (about RM2,620).


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24 Comments for Refurbished Galaxy Note7 is going on sale as the Fan Edition




    It will sell like hot cakes if it's RM1999


The official price is about 610 dollars..which is about Rm26++…it could be cheaper than that like what samsung did with the S8 in malaysia


fool me once, shame on you

fool me twice, shame on me


    you no money how to fool you


I will not forgive any airline who stops me from boarding if they mistakenly identify my Note Fan as Note 7. I will be very mad.




Fan edition, made for foolish fanboys/girls

LG note

Galaxy Note with LG logo on the top right


    “The image above was spotted on LG U+’s Facebook page and they are a telco in South Korea.”

    Listen and read before you talk and write


Good option for samsung users… Around the same price can choose s8 or note 7, both specs more than enough to run many apps for next 2 years or more.


    same price
    s8 totally new unit
    n7 refurbrished unit, with highly possible risk not able to take it on airlines.

    really only fan will buy this n7fe

HP. Enthusiast

It is really a great offer from Samsung. I beg to differ that the “Fan Edition” is reserved for a total fanatic nor hardcore fan of Samsung or Note series.

Why? Because Samsung Note Fan Edition will be better if I might stating than newer Samsung S8 or even incoming Samsung Note 8 in term of:

1) Asking Price.

2) Fingerprint Scanner Placement.

3) Build Quality.

I agree that ill fated Note 7 component must be refurbished into Note FE for sake of environmental reason. Look around, we still need fresh air and free from polution.

I may put it as RM2499 since 64GB Samsung Note 5 is RM2399.


    you are the joke of the day!

      HP. Enthusiast

      Are you referring to yourselves?


RM1000 also need think twice


Hey where is the buying link ?


Using unopened unit means using old unit? WTF?


    Of course… u think people want 2nd hand returned units from Note7??

    Plus, they changed the batteries to safer units.

    Anything below RM2500 the unit will fly off the shelf… hope Samsung Malaysia is
    smart enough to recognize this.


    Using unopened note 7 unit – WTF!
    Apple using Liam robot to recycle old iPhone 5 5s to make new iPhone SE – OMG I want!


Samsung means Failure Edition …


Gila…. can explode and still so many want to have it….


Even the Unlocked S8 is 600 dollars…o man..its 10 dollars cheaper than the FE


long story short
Nice phone, lousy price, i'm out, wait for Note8 / V30

1500 or less would tickle my interest though