iPhone 6 32GB is now going for RM1,499 in Malaysia

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iPhone 6 32GB Malaysia 2017

Apple’s most affordable 4.7″ smartphone is now even more affordable than ever. The iPhone 6 32GB is Apple’s Special Edition model for 2017 and it’s a bigger screen alternative to the iPhone SE.

Originally priced at RM1,999, the iPhone 6 32GB is now going for only RM1,499. This is the second price slash since its intoduction in mid-March 2017.

To recap, the iPhone 6 32GB only comes in gold and it retains the same hardware as the original iPhone 6 from almost 3 years ago. You get a 4.7″ display that does 1334×750 pixels resolution and it runs on Apple’s A8 chip with 1GB of RAM. For taking pictures, it gets an 8MP f/2.2 camera at the rear while the front comes with a 1.2MP selfie camera.

It comes with a 1,810mAh battery and it also retains a 3.5mm headphone jack. New for 2017, the iPhone 6 32GB comes with iOS 10 out of the box and it will support the upcoming iOS 11 when it is available later this year. If you’re looking for a brand new iPhone for under RM1,500, you can check out the iPhone 6 32GB over at Switch.

Looking for something even more affordable? The iPhone 5S 16GB from 4 years ago is now going for RM999 and it is available in either Silver or Space Grey. To recap, the iPhone 5s is similar to the latest iPhone SE in size with a 4″ Retina Display (1136×640). It run on Apple’s older 64-bit A7 chip with 1GB of RAM. It also features an 8MP camera with dual-tone LED flash while the front gets a 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera.

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If you’re interested, you can check out the iPhone 5S 16GB from Machines.


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52 Comments for iPhone 6 32GB is now going for RM1,499 in Malaysia


poor droidfags can finally afford an iPhone… No more pretending to hate iPhones


    I would rather pay rm2499 for an Android like Oneplus than this 1gb phone.


      only a fool would pay for rm2499 phone that has no feature apart from 6gb/8gb ram as feature.


        Android has all the features i need that iOS does not. Back button, easy file management and transfer, tons of customizations. I refuse to use itunes and the limitation of iOS drives me mad.


          then dont emphasise the number of ram at first, dumb.


          Actually the reason we use iOS is because of what the jailbreak can offer. We (partially, the smart one) don't use stock iOS like those who for the sake of the Apple logo buy it and use with constraints and limitations. Although the jailbreak community is slowly fading away but the spirit of jailbreaking remains high. I for one day, vowed to jump to the Droid bandwagon shall the jailbreak no longer being released just like those days were.


    U must be joking.
    To each their own choices.
    Some people couldn’t even AFFORD iPhone and bought it with instalment.
    And some droid fan can even afford mire than iPhones.
    Using iPhone does not mean u can afford it or u are RICH


      Never use common sense when dealing with retards (smart455)


    only affordable after 2 years. What a outdated…


      Almost 3 to be honest


    Im gonna say NO but THANKS for d offer..NO offense..


    Says the person who have to beg their parents for money to buy an Iphone.


This question now lingers :

To buy an older model that can run future OS(es) or buy the latest android that may run the current OS?


    still lag


      lag due to new OS is still better than lag after sometime with the current OS.


I like the ads theme of the 5s, I like a small phone. I’ll wait another year for iphone se or 6s for under rm1.5k. The price still steep, for a short battery and 1gb ram only device. No bias to Android or Apple but smarter choice, rm 999 I’ll buy a mi5, rm 1499 I’ll buy a p9. Only rich people using iphone7 in Malaysia, most people who used iphone5 or iphone6 already changed to Samsung or Huawei years ago.


    Agreed with you with short battery & 1GB ram… If this is 6s, then can be considered as a steal. With ios 11 coming soon that require much more resources, afraid this phone will struggle..


      But doesn’t current android devices struggled after 6 months even without OS upgrade? Many experienced degraded performance after some time of usage and have to reset the entire phone.

      May be they dunno how to use ?


        Just like using computer.. it will slow down and you need to defrag.. android also need to clear cache maa to free some space..


          Oh I see.
          Then I should ask them to install PCTools and Norton Utilities.


          go use a Mac then….duh!


        I bet u refer to old Samsung devices? Yes that happens to older Samsung, Lenovo, Xiaomi etc phones. Or non flagship phones. Cause they use heavy OS'. Most people compare their old Galaxy W, S3 etc to a brand new iPhone, unfair comparison so of course they start bashing Android lags.
        A Nexus 5 still runs fast after 2 years. Stock Android can last 3 years with minimal lag.


          "Stock android can last 3 years with minimal lag"

          sorry its a fairy tales


          Well its certainly a reality for me. Oneplusone, Nexus 5 still runs like its first day out of the box. Dont just base on old Samsungs u see around.


      Lol-ed hard. what cant people get that iphone user will never need to worry about the spec like android user, prove? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw79aYeK5pg

      iphone 5s vs xiaomi redmi , 1gb vs 3gb ram


        Of course comparing ip5s to a rm700 mid range Redmi. Touchwiz, Miui, Lags yes, even i hate using these two. So its stock android, cyanogen, lineage OS only for me.


          exactly the kind of people who hv been bashing android. they wont and never will understand the ultimate fairness of comparison. they keep comparing spec and they say spec has nvr been the more important aspect.

          hey noob how much was the 5s costs back in its glory days ? 3k ? and how much is the xiaomi when it was released ? 700 ? compare flasgship to flasghip u noob.


          compare king, why the fuk would you compare the price back then 3 years ago? of course u should compare the current market price of both, for 3k (when it was introduced), its the fking price for a new phone, new spec, new features, but after years the spec is still the same as before, but price drop, so its ultimately fair to compare this way. come on la fking noob thinking urself very smart, lot of inborn rubbish like u in this society, cancerous.

          it is fact that spec is not an important aspect for iphone, i have given the prove how iphone 5s still outperformed latest same range android phone, 3 years old spec and almost same price, see stupid people even you give them the answer right infront of them, they still cant get it, wonder why their parents feed them till so big.


If you are rich, buy a new iphone. If you are poor: you would be better off with an android Xiaomi. mi6 with global rom ,snapdragon 835, 64gb rom with 4gb ram which is retailing for rm1.9k at lelong.com.my. . this iphone has a very short battery life and would struggle with iOS 11.


If u like , u can buy but if don’t like u just shut up…easy right …


it is 2017 and we still discussing about droid vs ios like some school kids? lol. get a real life mate.


Pay extra money and get iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone SE. Not worth getting 3 year old phone with 8MP camera.


Yep, the choices are with the consumers to choose what they liked. Apple proves to be premium brand that's not selling midrange price phones. These are for peoples who loves Apple so much and die die wan a premium brand but difficult to dig out 3~4k for a phone. Buy lah whatever u think "WORTH" with your money, it's not about specs, it's about the "SYOK" when u owning the things that u like. Its not android vs ios either, even it's a super duber crazy powerful specs "CHEAP" brand with only rm2k, if u dun like the brand, it's meaningness for u to buy it.


perfect replacement for my wife Iphone 3s

HP. Enthusiast

Brand nor manufacturer aside, this offer is great especially to those people who would like to try ios 10 or ios 11 experience.

Some might get it because they are more being a collector than a user.

The most likely would be a people that want a compact phone with 4.7 inch display.

For me personally, it is better to buy a newer model such like iPhone 6s or iPhone 7 as iPhone 8 is just around the corner to arrive in Q4 2017.

I still have my ipad mini first generation and still using it as my note-book or planner as it is very useful in doing so with outdated hardwares. So, just go and grab this opportunity for those who think that iPhone 6 still worth your style and usages.


just buy from 2nd hand shop only 500


Poor swan no life keep need protect his apple even thou not get paid. Swan u better get a life then argue with Ppl yr iPhone can fly, if u got self esteem issue just let it go bro open up yr mind


    ask people to get a life but same commenting shit here, think others life same like yours so mundane

    #bodokataklogic #nocure #needtostoppplfromgettingmisleadbystupidbutthurtdroidfans


      need u ask more???
      he's "BUTAHURUF"
      speaks for itself la…..
      but he's a notch better than Najis Raza.


      Kesian need to feel big in the internet , reality sucks for u huh ??


        i know poorfag like you are trying to tell your own-self that in this way, kesian poorfag hard to wake up from fairy tales to face reality


imagine Sammy trying to sell its S6 with new specs.
who would buy?
Apple selling iPhone 6 with new specs,
huge crowd is buying…..
poor DroidFags cannot tahan this phenomena.
once a Fag, always a Fag.
sob, sob,sob…..


    most of the stupid droidfag die die choose not to believe that even they are having android phone, they wouldnt buy or will definitely think twice before they go for 1/2 years old model android phone even the price is cheaper, cause from deep down they know android = need higher spec every single year, or else say hello to uncle lag in 1 yr +. the reason why iphone 6 still hot selling with discounted price, apart from the brand sheeps, the majority know the stability and reliable of apple products.

    FACT,deny for what fuk? want to cont staying in fair tales?