HTC teases new squeezable tricks for the U11

HTC U11 Malaysia squeeze actions

The HTC U11 is the world’s first squeezable smartphone that’s enabled by its pressure sensitive frame. To take its squeezable Edge Sense further, they are about to introduce a couple of new features which will be released very soon.

At the moment, Edge Sense is primarily used to launch your preferred apps on the U11. With the updated Edge Sense, you can squeeze to zoom in for maps/photos, toggle between monthly/weekly view on calendar, answer calls and also to dismiss alarms.

During its launch, HTC had revealed that users can customise their Edge Sense to perform a specific action on your favourite app. You can use squeeze to replace your typical actions by mapping a specific touch action on the app’s interface. This will be released at a later time.

Overall, I still think that the squeeze interaction is quite gimmicky and it lacks feedback to give the squeeze action a more natural feel. Probably the best use so far is to squeeze to switch on the flashlight. As a phone, the HTC U11 is still surprisingly good. It is available now in Malaysia at RM3,099 and it comes with 6GB RAM + 128GB storage. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out our review here.


Alexander Wong