The legendary Nokia 3310 with Snake is now in Malaysia

Posted:  May 30, 2017   By:    10 comments   

Everyone’s favourite feature phone, the Nokia 3310 is back and it’s now available in Malaysia. The throwback device was announced a few months ago at MWC 2017 and you can have it as early as next week.

To recap on the specs, the Nokia 3310 is a basic device which works with only 2G networks. You get a 2.4″ QVGA colour display and it runs on Nokia’s basic Series 30+ software. You still get a physical keypad and a D-pad which you use to navigate its 3×3 grid menu.

While the original 3310 has fully interchangeable covers, you can only remove the back cover for this new 2017 version. It also comes with a headphone jack and a basic 2MP camera. As expected from a feature phone, its 1,200mAh battery is capable of pushing up to a month’s worth of standby time with a 22-hour long talk time.

The Nokia 3310 is officially priced at RM239 and it will be available beginning first week of June at their on ground retail channels nationwide. For the price, it is quite pricey for a feature phone and you can easily find similar-spec Nokia devices for less. Do note that there are counterfeit 3310 products in the market so make sure you’re getting the real deal by looking out for the AVAXX distribution and SIRIM stickers.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out Rory’s first impression of the new 3310. Would you get the new 3310 (2017) as a backup phone? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 Comments for The legendary Nokia 3310 with Snake is now in Malaysia


Apart from senior citizen, who would even want such phone ? 2G only (Really ? Eye rolls)


2G with that price…

Sorry Nokia just lost a customer here.


should have made it at least 3g… 2g is dying. so if this phone has half of the original's durability, it will be obsolete/unusable for most of its life.


Some countries are shutting down 2G………………..come on Nokia.

Oh Seriously

Nokia already lost all it's customers la…..

Oh Seriously

its like Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to become Mr Universe again!


I think it’s overpriced for this phone.

Noor Azam Ab Latif

I love this legendary 3310. I hope i may have it once more time. It’s really nostalgic. Do notify me via email about how to have it originally instead of being fraud.

    Oh Seriously


Bertram Gilfoyle

Wow…thats revolutinary!