GoPro’s 360 camera, Fusion, sounds a lot like vapourware

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GoPro is finally entering the 360-degree camera game with their very own product and it’s called the GoPro Fusion…or at least I think they are. After seeing the coverage for GoPro’s new toy, it sounds more and more like vapourware to us.

First off, you have the incredibly scarce amount of specifications. All we know that the GoPro Fusion can do is that it shoots 5.2K resolution. Now that’s pretty impressive because it edges out competitors like Samsung’s new Gear 360 which only shoots 4K, but that’s about all the information we got out of them. No sensor information, no lens information, there is also only one picture of the Fusion — and it’s poorly lit.

Well, at least we have some sample footage which GoPro says was shot entirely on the Fusion.

GoPro’s idea behind the Fusion is to have sort of the ultimate GoPro filming crew. Instead of having to set up and frame your shot, GoPro’s Fusion lets you just hit record, stick it somewhere and then record everything from every angle. After all the fun exciting GoPro-y stuff, users can then select whatever shots they want in standard HD. This feature is called OverCapture.

However, one interesting thing TheVerge noted was that the company went out of their way to avoid using the term 360-degrees which raises even more red flags. Does that mean it isn’t a 360-degree camera?

Either way, information about this product is really scarce right now but that will probably change as time goes on. GoPro says that the Fusion will see a “limited commercial release by the end of 2017”.

What do you guys think of the GoPro Fusion? Drop me a comment below with your thoughts!


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