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Xiaomi’s new flagship Mi 6 is official. Here are the details

Posted:  April 19, 2017   By:    23 comments   

This is it! Xiaomi‘s brand new flagship smartphone is now official. It’s called the Xiaomi Mi 6 and it has pretty much all the specifications you need in a flagship smartphone.

At its core, the Mi 6 is powered by Qualcomm’s 10nm Snapdragon 835 octa-core processor. For even more oomph, Xiaomi has paired it with 6GB of LPDDR4x RAM and up to 128GB of internal storage. With all this horsepower, Xiaomi says that their brand new smartphone annihilates every other Android flagship out there when it comes to AnTuTu’s benchmark, clocking in a score of 184,292, as well as GFXBench, beating even the iPhone 7 with 63fps.

In front, you’ll get a 5.15-inch Full HD display that’s very reminiscent of last year’s Mi 5. Xiaomi has advanced their display technology further so this screen can go up to 600 nits in brightness. Further, it can reduce its brightness down to just 1 nit for night viewing. There’s also a front-mounted fingerprint scanner that’s embedded under the glass. This means you don’t get a physical home button which may disappoint people who prefer a more tactile response. Keeping the lights on is a 3,350 mAh battery.

Besides that, the new Mi 6 also comes with a fancy new glass and metal design that minimises on the sharp edges you would find on the Mi 5. There also appears to be a new colour scheme that paints the Mi 6 in an honor 8-like blue with gold metal trims.

The glossy metal frame around the phone is more scratch resistant than stainless steel while the glass around the back of the phone has a 4-edge 3D design that’s similar to HTC’s U Ultra. There will also be a special Silver Edition mirror finish Mi 6 that’s reminiscent of the Sony Xperia XZ Premium.

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This new body also sports some level of water resistance, though Xiaomi has not mentioned any IP rating. Xiaomi does say that they’ve sealed the insides of their phone and lined the SIM tray with rubber. They say it’s splash proof, but that’s about it — you won’t be submerging this handset and expecting it to survive.

At the back, you’ll also see a brand new dual-camera setup that still sits flush to the back of the smartphone, eliminating any unsightly camera bumps. The cameras themselves are 12-megapixel shooters.

One of them is a telephoto lens (for 2X lossless zoom) while the other is a wide-angled one. With this dual-lens setup, Xiaomi has also included a portrait mode feature that blurs out the background and separates your subject.

It even gives you the ability to add watermarks much like Huawei’s Leica watermarks. Xiaomi has also included 4-axis optical image stabilisation for steadier shots and reduction in handshake blur.

Other features include stereo speakers and NFC which can be used for payments. One big feature was omitted though…the 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 will come in two variants. The entry level model with 64GB of internal storage will be priced at RMB2,499 (around RM1,599) while the higher-end model with 128GB of internal storage will be priced at RMB2,899 (around RM1,855). For those who want a little more pizzazz, Xiaomi’s Mi 6 also comes in a special Ceramic Edition (6GB RAM, 128GB storage) and will be priced at RMB2,999 (around RM1,919)

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23 Comments for Xiaomi’s new flagship Mi 6 is official. Here are the details


Wow all those specs for below RM 2000? Such a great deal. However I am quite sceptical and also scared a bit.

Always, always for their previous flagships, to make it cheaper than the competition, Xiaomi makes a few sacrifices for some parts of their phones. For example weak body (refer to JerryRigEverything).

So I’m wondering what did they sacrificed for this phone. Quite sceptical


    Marketing dude. Samsung, Huawei spends billions on marketing alone + retail and support.

Wai Kong

Spec wise sounds good. But I think Xiaomi software needs more polish. For example. My parent own Xiaomi mi5 and Huawei P9. I find that overall Huawei software experience is better (in my opinion).


637fps?? typo in the article


    Nope. It’s not typo. Do refer the GFXBench Test score image.

    Rory Lee

    Oh dear, yes it's a typo. Sorry about that! Thanks for pointing it out


The most important question is, when will it be launching in Mesia?


    Indeed launching! but…. only when Mi6S is announced… and… there will be very scarce stocks at launch… therefore… only be in abundance when Mi7 is announced… classic Xiaomi!


Holy Moly that killer spec for around RM1,599? unbelievable! Oneplus is in some serious trouble now.


    Indeed launching! but…. only when Mi6S is announced… and… there will be very scarce stocks at launch… therefore… only be in abundance when Mi7 is announced… classic Xiaomi!


      their strategy is launch a crazy phone at low price, (not making money) and then only make it available when the raw material dropped to a level which they can make money with the phone, then only they start selling. lol.


SD 835 CPU. LTE Cat 16 4X4 MIMO capable which means this phone supports Gigabit LTE for near future demand. Hope more SD83X devices flood the market after this. Australia's Telstra Gigabit LTE MiFi device is using this CPU inside its modem. Since the Galaxy 8 is the world's phone to be capable of Cat16 Gigabit LTE, its throne won't last long considering its bad pricing.


    Nope, xiaomi can disable it to lower cost for the snapdragon 835. It happens in mi5s plus whr no 4g+ for digi


And you will get it in Malaysia when Mi8 announcing.


Mi6, s8, p10, ip7.. The tech world become so complicated lah. Do we need to spend few k every year to buy a small device with super hardware? Buy a decent good phone like redmi note or p9 lite enough ady.


    P9 lite's Mali-T830MP2 is no where near medicore grahic card level.


The 3.5 jack ==


    But that save the cost RM 1000 less than the competition. There must be something else…


      Low margin, low marketing budget, less calibrated display, less powerful ISP (Image Signal Processing), less software support (late update). I could go on, but you need to realised that phone's BoM is not the only thing that determined phone's price.


        Of course no one said it is just that. But there will always be hardware compromises. As for software probably you’re right on that. Just have to wait and see


          Agree..I say we wait..


          if you can get this phone in 2017 in malaysia, you win.

          most likely you will get it next year, lmao. and then samsung also dropped to similar price already next year.


fanDroids head banging here….