Xiaomi is announcing its Mi 6 flagship next week

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It has been slightly more than a year since Xiaomi unveiled its Mi 5 flagship at Barcelona. After introducing a mid-cycle flagship like the Mi 5s, the Chinese smartphone maker is about to unveil its latest flagship on 19 April in Beijing.

According to early speculation, the Mi 6 won’t disappoint when it comes to raw power. According to early GFXBench results, the new flagship appears to be running on Qualcomm’s top of the line Snapdragon 835 processor with either 4GB or 6GB of RAM.

Like the Mi 5s, Xiaomi is expected to release a compact Mi 6 and a larger Mi 6 Plus model. For the compact Mi 6, it is expected to have a 5.1″ Full HD display while the larger model gets a 5.7″ screen. In terms of operating system, the Mi 6 is set to run on the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat with its latest iteration of MIUI. According to another leak, the Mi 6 could be priced from 2,199 Yuan for its 4GB RAM + 64GB model, which is about RM1,412. We’ll get the full details next Wednesday.

When the Mi 5 was released in Malaysia, it was 4 months after its official announcement. At that time, it was the most affordable Snapdragon 820 powered smartphone you can buy at RM1,549 but unfortunately its entry-level variant didn’t live up to its expectations. Hopefully, this time Xiaomi will do better and they could start shipping globally with a shorter time span.

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7 Comments for Xiaomi is announcing its Mi 6 flagship next week

Teck wan

A bit late from xiaomi this year. By the time arrive in Malaysia the imported set will be from around 1700. At this price people who looking for latest flagship should already bought the s8 or p10 with telco plan. Samsung pre order freebies gimmicks works pretty well.


Dream on la… China n India market gets priority first.. Malaysia market is an afterthought


    we have Jack Ma as the adviser of malaysia?
    maybe we could get him to pull a few strings for us ya…


can consider this unit if the price will maintain as mi5 price 🙂


Why nobody want to compete with galaxy note? With pen???


xiaomi flagship has good specs and price but they fail to realise that more and more people want the following features

1) at least 5.5 in screen
2) SD Card support
3) Bonus is dual sim with SD Card support
4) Good camera and stereo sound


    with their current price point, they barely can make enough to cater for China and India market.
    you do realise we normally got the models quite late if at all?
    is already very good value as it is now. if they manage to squeeze in your wish list with the same price point, we would most probably won’t get it.