Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ now available for pre-order from Maxis

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The Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ are now open for pre-orders in Malaysia. If you prefer to get the latest Galaxy flagship on contract, Maxis is offering both models on its normal MaxisONE postpaid contract plans and on Zerolution.

The Galaxy S8 which retails at RM3,299 can be yours from RM1,799 (before GST) while the Galaxy S8+ that is selling for RM3,699 is offered from RM2,099 (before GST). Similar to Samsung Malaysia’s pre-order promo, you also get over RM900 worth of freebies which includes a starter pack, 5,100mAh power bank and extended warranty with screen protection.

The Galaxy S8/S8+ bundled pricing from Maxis are as follows:

Galaxy S8

Normal Contract
MaxisONE 128 – RM2,399 (24 months)
MaxisONE 158 – RM1,999 (24 months)
MaxisONE 188 – RM1,799 (24 months)

MaxisONE 128 – RM128/month (24 months)
MaxisONE 158 – RM113/month (24 months)
MaxisONE 188 – RM98/month (24 months)

Galaxy S8+

Normal Contract
MaxisONE 128 – RM2,699 (24 months)
MaxisONE 158 – RM2,299 (24 months)
MaxisONE 188 – RM2,099 (24 months)

MaxisONE 128 – RM145/month (24 months)
MaxisONE 158 – RM130/month (24 months)
MaxisONE 188 – RM115/month (24 months)

Note that the device price shown above are before 6% GST and the Maxis Zerolution monthly instalments do not include the monthly plan subscription. The Zerolution Upgrade fee of RM44/month and Device protection plan of RM23/month are not included as well.

For Zerolution, there’s no upfront payment required however those opting for the normal contract plan are required to pay 4 months subscription fee as advance payment. Existing Maxis subscribers with good payment history can waive this payment and you can check if you’re eligible by signing in to the Maxis Online store with your Maxis ID.

To recap, all MaxisONE postpaid plans comes with unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and bundled data that’s split between weekday and weekend use. The MaxisONE 128 at RM128/month comes with 15GB all-day and 15GB weekend, while MaxisONE 158 gives you 20GB all-day and 20GB weekend. The highest MaxisONE 188 offering at RM188/month comes with a whopping 25GB of all-day data and 25GB for weekends.

The pre-order promotion is available starting today 11 April until 13 April 2017 with stocks expected to be available nationwide on 5th May 2017. If you’re interested, head over to the Galaxy S8 page on the Maxis website.

UPDATE: Which Malaysian telco has the better Galaxy S8 deal? Check out our Galaxy S8 telco plan comparison.

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11 Comments for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ now available for pre-order from Maxis


Normal Contract
MaxisONE 128 – RM2,699 (24 months)
MaxisONE 158 – RM1,299 (24 months) ??
MaxisONE 188 – RM2,099 (24 months)


    RM2,299 based on the Maxis website


    It's a typo and we've corrected it in the post. Thanks.


      I am curious…

      1. is there a checking process in your editorial work? if so, why is the error so frequent? could you share how’s typically the process before a piece is published for public consumption.

      2. would you also not notice if your salary Bank-in has 1 digit less?


        We try our best to ensure that all information are correct and accurate before publishing. If there's an error, we will make necessary corrections as soon as possible.


          that’s not what I asked.

          I asked if there is a process, and what are the processes in place to publish a piece of editorial work. and in this case ( or other cases before it) was the process not followed? if there is an “ensuring” process, why is the error so frequent?
          it does seem that the current process is not very effective.

          or your “ensuring” process actually resides on us readers and you are merely doing the correcting part? it does sound that way. do let us know so we always will watch out for your mistake.

          Soya is a not a small Malaysian site anymore, is time to step up, don’t you think?


what a JOKE!


midnight black for s8+ out of stock


    Black is the new black again!


      yeay.. black is back…


Wow they continually leave out Maxis ONE plan 98 customers all the time for such things..keep it up…